Suncast BMS7780 Modernist Shed Review

Suncast BMS7780 Modernist Shed Review: Ideal Storage Solution?

When it comes to outdoor storage, finding the right balance of durability and aesthetics can be a tall order. We recently had the opportunity to test the Suncast Modernist Shed in our backyard. With an impressive 317 cubic feet of storage space, this shed is not just a pretty face; it’s a functional powerhouse for garden tools, bikes, lawnmowers, and much more.

The Modernist Shed’s unique IllumiVent system is a game-changer, offering improved air circulation, which keeps humidity and air temperature within the shed at pleasant levels. The natural lighting provided through the built-in windows also created a safe work environment inside the shed without additional lighting during the daytime.

Suncast BMS7780 Modernist Shed

The construction quality impressed us as well. The metal-reinforced multi-wall resin panels seemed tough and sturdy enough to weather the elements. Plus, the reinforced roof of the Suncast Modernist Shed can hold significant snow loads, a big plus for those living in snow-prone areas and who store outdoor equipment. Access was straightforward with the pad-lockable double doors, while the metal hardware provided a sense that our contents were secure, though a lock was not included.

However, it’s not all sunshine with the Modernist Shed. We did note that the doors felt a bit less robust than the rest of the structure. If you’re living in an area with high winds, it might be a good idea to secure the shed to the ground for added stability, as suggested by some users.

Bottom Line

Our take on the Suncast Modernist Shed is that it’s a solid choice if you’re looking for a sizeable and modern storage solution for your outdoor space.

The combination of space, air circulation, natural lighting, and sturdy construction makes it stand out among outdoor storage options.

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Suncast BMS7780 Modernist Shed Overview

From our hands-on time with the 7′ x 7′ Suncast Modernist Shed, with its multi-wall resin panel construction, we found it a spacious solution that allows you to easily access your items. With an area large enough to house our gardening equipment, bikes, and lawn tools, this sturdy structure has become an invaluable addition to our outdoor space. Equipped with a ventilation system that helps keep the interior cool and dry and allows for safer conditions through natural lighting, working inside is a breeze.

The shed’s double doors open wide, facilitating easy access to all our stored items. Although the doors are reasonably secure, it’s worth noting that they are somewhat on the thinner side, so we appreciated the ability to use a padlock for added security (although one isn’t included).

Assembly, while definitely a project, was manageable. We advise setting aside ample time and patience for the construction process. Once erected, it deftly handles diverse weather, with a reinforced roof capable of supporting significant snow weight — a testament to its durability.

Despite minor door hinge concerns in windy conditions, the Modernist Shed has made a dependable, not to mention stylish, contribution to our backyard setup.

Ample Storage Space

When we got our hands on the Modernist Shed by Suncast, its storage capacity was a key factor we were excited to explore. We weren’t disappointed With dimensions measuring 87.5 inches in depth, 86.5 inches in width, and 89.5 inches in height. The interior space is generous enough to house lawn equipment, gardening tools, and patio furniture during the off-season.

The shed’s resin construction provides a sturdy, weather-resistant haven for your belongings, ensuring they stay dry and secure. Despite the product’s heft, the assembly is manageable, requiring time and patience. The sleek, modern style of the 7 x 7 Suncast Modernist Shed doesn’t hurt either, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal in your yard.

However, while the storage space is substantial, maximizing it requires strategic organization. Without built-in shelving in the 317 cu Suncast shed, those who love to keep things in meticulous order may need additional storage solutions to access their items easily. That said, for the sheer volume of items it can accommodate, the Modernist Shed lives up to its promise of spaciousness.

Natural Light and Ventilation

While organizing our outdoor workspace in the Modernist Shed, we noticed how the IllumiVent system elevates the whole experience. It’s a game-changer for those of us who spend a lot of time tinkering or gardening inside our sheds. The strategically placed built-in windows and vents allow for a surprisingly well-lit interior—so much so that we rarely used additional lighting during the day. The shed’s design ensures ample natural light and a constant fresh air flow, effectively minimizing any issues with humidity or overheating.

However, although natural light is abundant, it can be too much on extremely sunny days, causing a bit of a glare on some surfaces. We found a simple remedy by partially covering windows or using a light-diffusing curtain. Despite this, the overall effect is a brighter and airier environment, which makes it quite pleasant when you’re inside sorting your tools or potting plants. Plus, the feeling of security knowing you can lock your shed with a padlock adds to the sense of comfort while working.

Durability and Load Capacity

Having spent considerable time with the Suncast Modernist Shed, we’ve noticed it stands the test of time quite admirably. Constructed from resin, this shed doesn’t just promise durability; it lives up to it. Withstanding weather conditions, the sturdy material successfully resists rust, rot, and even those occasional bumps and knocks from garden equipment.

We’ve loaded the shed with various tools and seasonal items, and it has held up well without showing signs of strain. While we must respect the load recommendations, our experience suggests it can accommodate a fair amount of weight, sustaining everything from lawnmowers to heavy plant pots. It’s reassuring that it maintains structural integrity even when we’ve pushed the storage capacity quite a bit.

On the flip side, it’s essential to remember that no storage shed is indestructible. Nonetheless, for its size and material, our experience shows that the Suncast Modernist Shed can serve well for those seeking a balance between space and strength. Its ability to keep our gear safe and secure year-round has impressed us.

Security Features

When we examined the Suncast BMS7780 Modernist Shed’s security measures, we found that the pad-lockable doors stood out as the primary feature to ensure your items stay secure. It’s a significant relief to know that you can add your padlock, providing that extra security for the lawn tools, bikes, and gear we store inside.

However, it’s important to note that the shed does not include a padlock, so you must purchase one separately. In our experience, choosing a sturdy, weather-resistant lock is an excellent investment to complement the shed’s locking system.

The robust full-steel skeleton frame adds to the overall durability and contributes to security since it reinforces the structure against forced entry. The peace of mind we get, knowing that the weight and solid build of the shed make it less prone to tampering, is invaluable.

While security is a key concern for outdoor storage, the shed also incorporates natural light with its four built-in windows and IllumiVent system. This feature ensures safety when moving items in and out, as you can see clearly without additional lighting. Overall, the security features of this storage shed meet our expectations for keeping contents safe in an easily accessible yet secure outdoor space.

Pros and Cons

After testing the Suncast BMS7780 shed, we’ve gathered several key points to consider. This shed offers some distinct advantages and a few drawbacks worth noting. Whether you’re tight on garage space or need an outdoor storage solution for your mower, these insights into the multi-wall resin panel construction of the Suncast Modernist Sheds will help you decide if this shed meets your needs.


  • Versatile Storage: The Suncast shed provides a substantial 317 cubic feet of space, making it a great solution for safely housing various items, from lawn tools to bicycles.
  • Durable Structure: Its full-steel skeleton frame is built to last. It stands strong against the elements, and the roof can withstand significant snow loads, up to 40 pounds per square foot.
  • Natural Lighting: Including 4 windows and an IllumiVent system invites plenty of natural light inside, making it easier to locate stored items and work inside the shed during the day.
  • Security: The doors are designed to accommodate a padlock, allowing us to secure the contents effectively—although the padlock isn’t included with the purchase.
  • Compact Footprint: Measuring 87.5″ x 86.5″ x 89.5″, this shed offers ample storage without dominating the backyard space.


  • Door Quality: While the structure is solid, the doors feel slightly flimsy. This issue might raise concern for those living in windy areas, although the rest of the shed feels secure.
  • Assembly Time: The assembly process can be quite time-consuming. It took us a full day to put it together, and while the instructions are manageable, it’s certainly not a quick setup.
  • Accessories Not Included: Suncast mentions available accessories for further customization of their 7′ x 7′ Modernist Shed, but these must be purchased separately, which increases the overall investment for those seeking more functionality (lock not included).

Weighing these pros and cons, we believe the Suncast BMS7780 Modernist Shed offers much. It’s a practical investment for outdoor storage built with longevity and utility. Its compact size and ability to naturally illuminate your storage space are advantageous. However, if quick assembly and sturdier doors are among your top priorities, this may not be the perfect fit.

Ease of Assembly

In assembling the Suncast Modernist Shed, we found the process straightforward and manageable. This solution seemed the perfect fit for our outdoor storage without a garage. The key to a smooth assembly was organizing all the pieces beforehand. Over the course of two days, we constructed the shed by laying out the parts and systematically following the instructions, and even with regular breaks to combat the Georgian heat, the task didn’t feel overwhelming.

Whilst I tackled the assembly solo and used some common sense, the outcome was a sturdy structure. The steel frame provided a sound skeleton that snapped into place without trouble. The provided hardware was sufficient, with a helpful surplus of extra pieces just in case.

Our main gripe was with the doors; although the shed was robust, the doors felt less so. A broken hinge was a setback, but thankfully, it didn’t impede the door’s functionality. For those in windy locales, securing the shed to a foundation can offer added peace of mind.

The shed’s ability to support significant snow loads, which could be a nod to its overall durability, is especially important when storing outdoor equipment like a mower. The interior was naturally lit thanks to built-in windows and an illuminating vent system, making it safer and more pleasant to navigate. Despite a few hiccups, we believe this shed serves its purpose well, providing ample and secure storage space.

Customer Reviews

During our time with the Modernist Shed by Suncast, we’ve experienced its overall sturdiness and practicality firsthand. Many users have echoed the sentiment that it’s an excellent semi-permanent storage solution, particularly when a garage isn’t available.

We found the assembly process manageable, with all components fitting together seamlessly and the instruction manual detailed enough to prevent significant mishaps. This was a relief, particularly considering some of us tackled the build single-handedly. It’s a task that is doable over a weekend, and laying out all parts beforehand simplifies the process.

Though the doors could benefit from a more robust construction—as they feel a bit flimsy—the shed generally stands up well against persistent winds, especially when firmly anchored down, which we recommend based on our observations.

The versatility of the shed was another strong point noted in our usage and the user reviews. Not just for tools and garden equipment but for an inflatable hot tub, it comfortably accommodates a range of items.

We advise future buyers to take their time with assembly and prepare for a bit of a project, but rest assured; the result is a dependable storage space that lives up to expectations.

Similar sheds you might consider

After spending some time with the Suncast Modernist Shed, we’ve found a few alternatives that may align with your storage needs. If the aesthetic and features of the Modernist shed appeal to you, but you’re still exploring options, consider these sheds from Keter and Lifetime, two brands that stand out for their quality and design.

Keter’s Factor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed is a strong contender with its robust and maintenance-free build. We appreciated how it seamlessly blended into our garden space with its wood-like texture. It also features a skylight and ventilation for a comfortable interior atmosphere, reminiscent of Suncast’s IllumiVent system.

Another viable alternative is the Lifetime Horizontal Storage Shed. Its durable, dual-wall, high-density polyethylene construction has proven to withstand various weather conditions, and its compact footprint allows it to fit neatly into tighter spaces. It doesn’t shortchange on capacity and is perfect for those who need to store garden tools or pool equipment efficiently.

Lastly, the Suncast Cascade Shed is worth a mention for those loyal to the brand but seeking a different model. It sports a slightly smaller storage capacity but offers a charming, cottage-like appearance with its shingle-style roof panels. The build quality is as reliable as our Modernist shed, ensuring our gear stays dry and secure.

Each shed serves a similar purpose but varies in design, capacity, and features. Through our experiences, we’ve found that these models balance functionality and style, making them worthwhile for consideration alongside the Suncast BMS7780 Modernist Shed.


I spent a while with the Suncast Modernist Shed, and we’ve found it a sturdy choice for anyone lacking a garage. The assembly process is manageable, even if you’re taking on the task solo, though it’s a good idea to spread the work over a couple of days. We appreciate that all components fit as expected, with extra hardware included to cover any minor mishaps.

On the downside, we noticed that the doors, which allow you to access your items easily, could be sturdier, and one of the hinges arrived broken – a bit of a letdown. In windy conditions, additional securing to the ground is advisable. Despite that, the shed performs admirably for the intended use, whether storing garden tools or housing an inflatable hot tub. The availability of accessories is a plus, offering room for customization to one’s needs.

Overall, the quality and utility balance out the minor flaws. It’s a solid investment for extra outdoor storage with a modern aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our journey through the vast world of outdoor storage, we came across the Modernist Shed from Suncast, which is recognized for blending functionality and style and its 317 cu size. Garnering feedback from various owners and personally examining the shed’s offerings, we’ve compiled answers to some of the top questions to aid you in understanding this product’s potential fit for your needs.

What accessories are compatible with the Suncast Modernist Shed?

The Modernist Shed gladly opens up to various accessory options designed to boost its utility. We found that Suncast offers tailored items such as:

Shelf Kits: Enhance organization with easy-to-install shelves for storing small tools and garden supplies.

Hook and Basket Accessories: Ideal for hanging garden hoses and tools or keeping frequently used items accessible.

We emphasize the compatibility of such accessories to promote simple customization of your storage space.

Can you install shelving solutions in the Suncast Modernist Shed?

Absolutely, shelving solutions are a breeze to install in this shed. Our practical experiences reveal:

Customization: Both horizontal and vertical shelving are potential, letting us tailor the storage to our equipment’s dimensions.

Versatility: Although Suncast offers its own shelving solutions, we found that third-party shelves can also fit if they’re of the appropriate size.

Adding shelves proved feasible and smart, maximizing the space inside the shed.

What are the differences between the various Suncast Modernist Shed sizes?

The differences mainly lie in dimensions and storage capacity. We noted that:

Small Scale: The compact variants suit modest storage needs and smaller outdoor spaces.

Large Scale: Bigger models cater admirably to extensive storage demands, accommodating everything from lawnmowers to bicycles.

Size should be based on your storage requirements and available yard space.

How durable is the Suncast Modernist Shed, given that it’s made of resin?

Our findings on the durability front are reassuring. The multi-wall resin:

It is robust and designed to resist wear and tear from weather elements. It is well-suited to rain, snow, and UV rays.

Maintains appearance, minimizing concerns of fading or cracking over time.

While it’s not invulnerable, our judgment is that its durability is a strong attribute for typical backyard conditions

Can a foundation be prepared for the Suncast Modernist Shed or placed directly on the ground?

Our experience dictates that a proper foundation:

Enhances Durability: A sturdy foundation prevents structural strain and ensures longevity.

Ensures Stability: Especially in areas where ground settling or severe weather could pose an issue.

We strongly suggest preparing a level foundation to avoid potential complications.

What are the assembly requirements for a Suncast Modernist 7×7 shed?

Based on the assembly process we underwent, the requirements include:

Basic Tools: Screwdrivers, hammers, and a ladder are among the essentials for assembly.

Time Investment: One to two people can assemble the unit in a day, considering breaks and a moderate work pace.

We urge carefully reviewing the provided manual to streamline assembly and reduce frustration.

Reviewing the Suncast Modernist Shed, we found that its comprehensive features and straightforward customization options cater to a broad range of outdoor storage needs. While its doors could feel a tad more robust, with proper assembly and anchoring, it offers a reliable solution for organizing tools and equipment.

Suncast BMS6312D Everett Shed Review: Top Yard Solution?

Looking for a space-efficient way to declutter your yard? We’ve just set up the Suncast Everett Storage Shed, and its design has transformed our outdoor space. With a capacity of 94 cubic feet, it’s the perfect size to store our garden tools and pool accessories without overwhelming our limited yard area.

Accessing our equipment is a breeze with the shed’s large double doors, and the pad-lockable handles (we’ll need to get a padlock separately) give us peace of mind knowing our items are secure. The shed’s heavy-duty, metal-reinforced construction promises durability, crucial for withstanding the elements.

Suncast Everett Storage Shed

A standout feature for us is the smart fusion of one skylight and large windows bathing the interior in natural light, paired with practical air vents for proper ventilation. We’re also fans of its maintenance ease, resilience against the sun’s UV rays, and pleasing aesthetic that enhances our outdoor space.

Bottom Line

The Suncast Everett Storage Shed is a robust and stylish solution for any yard. It integrates seamlessly with the surroundings while offering ample storage space.

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Suncast BMS6312D Everett Storage Shed Review: A Space-Saving Solution

When we came across the Suncast Everett Storage Shed, seeing a storage solution that balanced capacity with a compact design was refreshing. With 94 cubic feet of space on a footprint snugly beside our garage, it was just the right size for our gardening tools and pool accessories. The double doors swung open easily, offering unhindered access, although we’ll have to invest in a padlock since it’s not included.

The structure’s durability impressed us, as the metal-reinforced resin panels held up well against the elements, and the reinforced floor didn’t buckle under weighty equipment. On sunny days, the skylight and windows invite a nice, bright wash of natural light, eliminating the need for artificial lighting during the daytime.

Although assembly required some effort, the process presented no major challenges. We did have to pause to appreciate the shed’s attractiveness, as it blends seamlessly into our yard with its shingle-style roof and classic design. It requires minimal maintenance and has proven to be a robust and practical addition to our outdoor space.

Slim Footprint Design

In assessing this Suncast storage shed’s design, we can’t help but be impressed by its ability to fit snugly into limited outdoor spaces. We found that this model’s 6′ x 3′ footprint offers a generous 94 cubic feet of storage without overwhelming the yard or garden area. This makes it an ideal choice for those who need to maximize storage in a minimal space.

From our experience, the sleek design complements a variety of outdoor settings and is particularly useful along the sides of a house or garage. Not only does it accommodate various outdoor items seamlessly, but it also maintains an unobtrusive presence that doesn’t detract from a yard’s aesthetic.

One concern that often comes with smaller sheds is accessibility. However, the large double doors alleviate any worries about reaching stored items easily. The pad-lockable handles added a sense of security to the shed, although buyers should note they’ll need to provide their own padlock.

When it came to assembly, it was straightforward enough, adding to the overall practicality of the shed. The sturdy feel of the multi-wall resin panels reassured us of its durability, which was a definite plus. The presence of windows and a skylight is a thoughtful touch, keeping interior visibility high without artificial lighting during the day.

What rounded out the shed’s appeal was that Suncast didn’t sacrifice appearance for utility despite its compact size and functionality. The architectural accents and shingle-style roof contribute to an attractive design many homeowners would appreciate.

Secure Storage with Pad-Lockable Doors

Recently, we had the chance to store some of our lawn equipment and gardening tools in the BMS6312D shed. Its pad-lockable double doors caught our attention as a noteworthy safety feature. We found the resin handles to be sturdy and provided a sense of security, leaving us at ease knowing that our valuables were safeguarded against theft (note that a padlock is to be purchased separately).

The resin handles ensure that the doors stay firmly shut but also allow for an easy opening when you’re ready to access your items. It’s a practical design that doesn’t compromise on security, which is a balance not always found in outdoor sheds. We appreciated how this system gave us control over the security of our equipment.

While evaluating the shed, we recognized that this security feature is as crucial as the storage space itself, particularly if you’re in an area where security is a concern. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your belongings are locked away safely is invaluable. However, don’t forget to purchase a padlock, as it’s essential to complete the shed’s security.

Durability and All-Weather Protection

We’ve been hands-on with the Suncast Everett 6′ x 3′ Shed, and durability is one of its standout traits. It’s built to withstand the rigors of outdoor conditions without breaking a sweat. The reinforced multi-wall resin panels offer robust water resistance, meaning we didn’t have to worry about any stored items getting damaged by rain or moisture. This shed is designed with weather adversity in mind.

UV protection is another crucial aspect that Suncast has taken into account. We noticed that despite the shed being in an area exposed to direct sunlight for most of the day, there was no discoloration or material degradation. This UV resistance ensures our shed looks as good as new, even after a hot summer.

The robust resin floor can handle quite the load; we stored heavy gardening tools and equipment without any signs of strain or sagging. Stability wasn’t an issue even on windy days, which speaks volumes about its construction. However, do note that for optimal security, we would recommend getting a good-quality padlock since the shed comes with pad-lockable handles, but the lock itself isn’t included.

Incorporating air vents is a smart touch, preventing any buildup of condensation inside, which could potentially harm any metal tools or machinery we decided to store. Plus, the sheer sturdiness of the construction gave us peace of mind that our possessions were well shielded against the elements. Despite all these features, remember that this isn’t a fortress; extreme conditions could still pose a challenge, but it easily meets the mark for regular use.

Natural Lighting and Ventilation

After spending some time with the Suncast Everett Shed, we noticed several key aspects regarding its natural lighting and ventilation that deserve mention. Including a built-in skylight and sizable windows significantly affects how the interior feels during the day. On sunny days, we found no need to fiddle with artificial lights; the natural light flooding in is ample for most storage and organization tasks.

Ventilation, often overlooked in outdoor structures like this, is well addressed. Strategically placed air vents ensured a steady flow of air, vital for preventing mildew and keeping the inside smell fresh despite fluctuating outdoor temperatures. We appreciate these features, especially considering how important it is to keep stored items in good condition.

While these features enhance the user experience, they also introduce a potential weakness. The windows and skylight mean more areas to consider for long-term durability against the elements. The all-weather materials used in the shed’s construction seem sturdy, yet it’s something we’re keeping an eye on as time progresses. Overall, these design choices contribute positively to the shed’s functional appeal without compromising its attractiveness.

Easy Maintenance and Attractive Design

After spending time with the Everett shed by Suncast, we were pleased with how well it paired with our yard’s aesthetics. Its Dove Gray color offers a sophisticated touch that blends seamlessly into our outdoor space. Unlike some storage solutions that stick out like a sore thumb, this shed has a beautiful shingle-style roof and architectural details that enhance the yard rather than detract from it.

Regarding upkeep, the resin construction stands out for its simplicity. Whether it’s dust, garden soil, or rainwater, a quick rinse is often all it takes to keep the exterior looking fresh. The metal-reinforced, multi-wall resin panels are notably adept at handling the elements, maintaining a pristine appearance despite varying weather conditions.

Adding air vents was a thoughtful touch, preventing mustiness and humidity that can often plague outdoor storage spaces. Plus, with the incorporated skylights and windows, we rarely needed a flashlight during daylight hours – a convenience one tends to appreciate more over time.

We think this shed strikes the right balance as someone who values form and function. The all-weather durability and water resistance mean less time spent on maintenance, while the design ensures your backyard maintains its charming appearance.

Pros and Cons


After recently putting the Suncast Everett Shed to use, we found that its compact 6′ x 3′ design is a great space-saver for when yard room is in short supply. The shed tucks away nicely without overshadowing the home or garden aesthetics. We appreciate the generous 94 cubic feet of storage space, which accommodates various lawn equipment and garden tools.

We also value the security the pad-lockable double doors offer; though the padlock isn’t included, the feature ensures our items are safe and deters unwarranted access. The heavy-duty, reinforced resin construction equips the shed for all-season durability, with a promise of water resistance and UV protection, ensuring our investments are shielded from the elements.

The natural light streaming in through the skylight and windows is especially beneficial, illuminating the interior during the day and minimizing the need for artificial lighting. Proper ventilation is assured by the air vents, which maintain air circulation and help prevent any moisture buildup.

From an aesthetic perspective, the dove gray color and shingle-style roof panels offer an elegant touch to our yard. The shed doesn’t just store our belongings; it complements our outdoor space.


While assembling the Everett Shed, we noted that assembly requires some time and effort. The manufacturer suggests it’s a task with minimal tool requirements, but a foundation must be prepared beforehand to ensure stability, which could be a slight challenge for some.

Additionally, despite the shed’s substantial floor support, heavier items may require extra caution when being stored. While the resin is durable and offers many benefits, it doesn’t bear the same weight as some metal or wood structures.

We also observed that the shed’s dimensions may not be enough for those with many items to store. You might find the space too limited if you have larger yard equipment or many tools. For this reason, we recommend the Everett Shed for those with modest storage needs.

Customer Reviews

From our hands-on time with the Suncast BMS6312D Shed, we’ve aggregated insights from various customers, balancing good with the not-so-good. Overall, buyers seem pleased, emphasizing its ease of assembly and solid construction. Indeed, we found the instructions clear, making setup a breeze, noticing you can even manage solo with help from a diligent pre-teen.

We appreciated the snug fit for bikes and other gear, echoing users who report it snugly houses such items in spaces as tight as behind a house or near a patio—an attractive feature for those with limited outdoor square footage. The shed is also lauded for its ability to blend into the background, not an eyesore but a subtle addition to a yard.

However, as the instructions suggested, constructing a foundation for the shed took us—and other customers—additional time. But this investment was worthwhile considering the stability it offers the structure. On delivery, we found the service prompt and careful, similar to customer accounts, placing the box in a sensible, dry area.

In contrast to these positives, we noticed, as did some customers, that while the shed appears sturdy at first, its all-weather claims may be tested in harsh conditions. It’s a detail we’ll closely watch, especially during seasonal changes.

Similar Outdoor Sheds

Having recently worked with the Suncast Everett shed, we appreciated its balance of size and functionality. However, in our adventure to optimize backyard space, we’ve encountered a few other contenders that merit consideration.

Rubbermaid’s Large Vertical Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Shed is comparable. It offers a maintenance-free exterior and ample room for tools and equipment. The unique selling point is its robust lockable doors that ensure a secure space for belongings.

The Keter Factor Large 4 x 6 ft. Resin Outdoor Backyard Garden Storage Shed also stands out. It brings the charm with its wood-like texture and provides generous storage options. Those who seek an aesthetically appealing shed with the durability of resin might tilt in its favor.

Lastly, we examined the Lifetime 60057 Outdoor Storage Shed, which offers a slightly larger footprint. Its steel-reinforced construction and skylights offering natural light make it a strong candidate for those needing extra durability and visibility inside their shed. Compared to the Everett model, the expansive interior can be a major plus for storing bulkier equipment.


After spending some time with the Everett shed by Suncast, we’ve observed its sturdiness and practicality firsthand. Its assembly process is quite straightforward, making set-up a breeze for us. It fits seamlessly into small spaces, making it an ideal pick when outdoor real estate is limited. Remarkably, it even accommodates bikes, although it’s a tight fit.

In our utilization, the shed has proved to be well-made and thoughtfully designed, providing water resistance and UV protection. The pad-lockable doors contribute to the security aspect, which we appreciate. It’s also worth noting that a proper foundation is necessary for optimal stability—a step some might overlook.

Its subtle Dove Gray color allowed it to blend with our yard without sticking out like a sore thumb. However, remember that constructing the wooden foundation may be the most time-consuming part. All in all, it’s a solid choice for those in need of durable and efficient yard storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of us have specific needs and questions about the products we consider for outdoor storage solutions. We’ve gathered some of the most common inquiries about the Suncast BMS6312D Everett Shed to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your outdoor storage.

How does the Suncast BMS6312D Everett Shed perform in various weather conditions?

Constructed with weather resistance in mind, it has held up well in our experience under both sun and rain. The materials provide good UV protection and withstand various weather conditions without noticeable degradation or leaks.

Is the assembly process for the Suncast BMS6312D Everett Shed user-friendly?

We found the assembly process quite straightforward from our time putting it together. Although it’s easier with two people, it can be assembled single-handedly by following clear instructions. It requires minimal tools, which adds to the convenience.

What customization options are available for the Suncast BMS6312D Everett Shed, such as adding shelves or windows?

Though it comes with pre-included windows for natural light, further customization can be done depending on your storage needs. Users add shelving units inside to organize tools and equipment, enhancing its functionality.

How does the Suncast BMS6312D Everett Shed compare to other Suncast sheds in terms of durability and design?

This shed boasts a sturdy construction that gives it an edge in durability. Its design is streamlined and modern, blending with most yard decors while being rather convenient for narrow spaces. It’s a well-balanced mix of aesthetic and practicality compared to other models.

What type of maintenance is required to keep the Suncast BMS6312D Everett Shed in good condition?

Maintenance is minimal. We recommend a regular check-up and cleaning routine. Just a simple washdown usually keeps it looking as good as new. Keeping hinges lubricated and ensuring the area is debris-free helps prolong its lifespan.

Keter Newton 757 Garden Shed Review: Ultimate Outdoor Solution?

If you’re anything like us, you take pride in your backyard and understand the value of keeping it both functional and stylish. We recently had the chance to explore the Keter Newton 757 Shed, and its practical charm won us over. Thanks to its wooden aesthetic, it’s more than just storage; it’s a seamless extension of your outdoor living space.

We found the durability to be a standout feature. Constructed with double wall panels and a robust metal framework, this shed can endure the elements without a hitch. It offers convenience — a skylight and windows usher in sunlight, and the raised floor keeps everything dry and clean, a thoughtful touch for those who dislike the mess from rain or garden soil.

Keter Newton 757 Shed

The EVOTECH+™ panels made a positive impression on us; they mimic a wooden finish so well, you get the best of both worlds – the rustic look of wood without the upkeep. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or need extra room for your outdoor gear, the capacity and build of this garden shed could serve you well.

Bottom Line

  • For those needing a durable, weather-resistant storage solution that aesthetically blends with the backyard, the Keter Newton 757 is up to the task.
  • It offers a blend of strength, style, and practicality that’s hard to find elsewhere.
  • Don’t just take our word for it — check out the Keter Newton 757 Shed for yourself and experience the blend of function and finesse.
Check Price

Overview of Keter Newton 757 Garden Shed

From the moment we started assembling the Newton 757, it was clear that Keter had focused on creating a shed that marries aesthetics with functionality. Its wood-effect finish provided a classic look without the hassle of maintenance that genuine timber would demand. We appreciated the solid construction featuring double-wall panels and metal reinforcements, which offered peace of mind regarding stability and longevity.

Thanks to the raised floor design, the contents remained protected despite challenging weather conditions; there was no worry about mud or water damage. The natural light streaming through the skylight and front windows was a thoughtful touch, eliminating the need for artificial lighting during the day.

One aspect that stood out was the ease of assembly. The instructions were straightforward, simplifying the process significantly. While it’s sturdy and weather-resistant, we noted it wasn’t just about toughness—the EVOTECH+ finish gives it an authentic wood feel that enhances any outdoor space.

On the flip side, though meticulously crafted, the shed isn’t immune to the odd imperfection. We did come across customers mentioning issues such as part shortages or customer service hiccups, which, while promptly addressed, are worth keeping in mind. However, these were the exception, not the rule, in our experience with the Newton 757.

Evotech+ Advanced Material

With the Keter Newton 757, we see a real advancement in garden shed materials. Evotech+ is the technology behind this shed’s natural wood-like appearance. The special finish is a standout feature because it delivers the rustic charm of wood without the hassle of regular upkeep. Unlike real wood, this material doesn’t require staining, sanding, or sealing, meaning we can enjoy the traditional look with much less maintenance.

Durability is another point where Evotech+ impresses. The material holds up well against various weather conditions, and because it’s reinforced with metal, it feels sturdy and secure. Even heavy snow loads don’t pose much of a problem, which provides peace of mind regarding the shed’s longevity.

However, it’s not just about toughness; comfort is also considered. The raised floor is a boon, keeping our tools and equipment safe from moisture and dirt—something anyone storing precious items would appreciate. And while the shed feels solid, the natural lighting enhances the user experience, thanks to the thoughtful inclusion of windows and a skylight.

We’ve found the combination of function and form in Evotech+ material to be a balanced one. The aesthetic isn’t compromised for strength, nor is usability for looks. It’s a welcome innovation indeed.

Robust and Weather-Resilient Build Quality

Having had our hands on the Keter Newton garden shed, we can attest to the durability and strength of its construction. The innovative EVOTECH+™ panels render a convincingly natural wood effect without the hassle of constant upkeep. We’ve observed the double wall panels and metal reinforcements firsthand, which facilitate superior stability and make it reliable in varied weather conditions.

When faced with the odd rainy day, the raised floor feature has proven its worth, effectively protecting the shed’s contents from becoming damp or dirty. The addition of the skylight and front windows is a thoughtful touch, allowing natural light to fill the space while maintaining the overall robustness of the shed.

Weather resistance is another highlight; this shed stands firm against the onslaught of UV rays and has withstood decent amounts of snow without showing stress. Keter has prioritized resilience in the design of this product, ensuring that it remains a steadfast addition to any garden, come rain or shine.

Efficient Natural Lighting Design

In our experience with the Keter Newton 757 Garden Shed, one standout feature has been its ample natural lighting. Equipped with a skylight and two sizeable front windows, the shed benefits significantly from daylight streaming in, greatly reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day. This eco-friendly design choice contributes to energy savings. However, we noted that these lighting elements are fixed and non-adjustable, so you must strategically position the shed to maximize light exposure. In regions with less sunshine, the internal lighting may not suffice. Despite this, the balance of ambient light provided lends the space a warm, inviting feel, reflecting off the wood-effect finish. It’s a smart approach that merges functionality with the appeal of natural light.


ColorNewton 757 (Brown)
Product Dimensions87.99″D x 89.76″W x 99.21″H
Item WeightApproximately 297 pounds
Base MaterialPlastic
Top Material TypeAlloy Steel
Water Resistance LevelWater Resistant
Frame MaterialSteel, Wood
Door StyleWood
Assembly RequiredYes
Item model number243240

Pros and Cons

Having hands-on experience with the Keter Newton 757 Garden Shed, we’ve noted several key points worth considering. It’s a storage solution that blends in nicely with the garden aesthetics while providing the promised utility and durability.


  • Material Quality: The shed is constructed with EVOTECH+, a high-quality material that gives it a natural wood-like appearance and contributes to its durability.
  • Sturdiness: Equipped with double-walled panels and metal reinforcements, the structure stands firm, reflecting its build quality and stability.
  • Weather Resistance: It withstood seasonal weather changes quite well, maintaining resistance to UV rays and rain. It’s capable of supporting snow loads up to 150 kg/m².
  • Convenient Features: The raised floor is practical, keeping stored items dry. Ventilation holes prevent moisture buildup, and the lockable feature adds a layer of security.
  • Natural Light: Daylight is ample inside thanks to two large front windows and a skylight, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.
  • Aesthetics: Its wood effect gives it an elegant look, making it an attractive addition to any garden.


  • Assembly Time: While the instructions are clear, assembly is not quick. It takes considerable time and might require more than one person for easier handling.
  • Wait for Delivery: Delivery isn’t immediate, taking about a week, and the anticipation can be a little cumbersome.
  • Customer Service Interface: In case parts are missing, customer service efficiently resolves issues, but some might find the idea of possible initial incomplete delivery a bit inconvenient.

What other options might you consider?

When looking for a garden shed that gives you both aesthetics and durability, it’s valuable to explore alternatives before settling on the Keter Newton 757. Our search found a few similar sheds offering a blend of style, stability, and weather resistance.

One such option is the Suncast Tremont Storage Shed. It stands out with its robust metal-reinforced shingle-style roof and double-wall construction, ensuring content protection and longevity. Another contender is the Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed, which boasts a dual-wall high-density polyethylene construction and heavy-duty steel trusses for additional roof strength.

Lastly, we’ve looked at the Rubbermaid Large Vertical Resin Storage Shed, which, while not as large, offers a durable double-wall construction with an impact-resistant floor to safeguard items. Each alternative has unique features, such as skylights, custom shelving options, and varying wall materials, presenting clear pros and cons depending on your specific storage needs.

It’s been quite revealing to scrutinize these models as closely as we’ve done with the Newton 757. We can appreciate the thoughtful craftsmanship and design each brings to the table, ensuring that your decision will be well-informed.

Customer Reviews

From our perspective, customers’ overall sentiment about this Keter Newton shed is one of satisfaction. Scanning user feedback, there’s a clear consensus that the shed meets expectations in terms of both looks and functionality. With a solid 4.3-star rating across 66 ratings, customers have spoken highly of its sturdy build and how it enhances their outdoor space.

We found the ease of assembly a common thread in the comments. Customers were pleasantly surprised at the straightforward instructions, making the installation less daunting than anticipated. While we tackled the assembly, we could see why many found it to be hassle-free.

Despite the praise, there were instances where customers faced issues with missing parts. However, it’s noteworthy how efficiently the brand’s customer service stepped in to resolve such problems, as highlighted by the reviewers. This reassurance adds to the reliability of the product and the brand.

In terms of delivery and packaging, the product arrived in several large boxes. Our experience mirrored that of other customers, noting that the delivery was handled professionally, ensuring the product reached our backyard without a scratch.

The Keter Newton shed seems to be a sturdy and reliable backyard addition that holds up to customer expectations and withstands the rigors of delivery and assembly.


After ample time spent with the Keter Newton shed, we’ve gathered that it’s a solid choice for outdoor storage needs. Its wood effect provides an aesthetically pleasing touch to any garden, blending durability with style. Constructing the shed was straightforward, with clear instructions facilitating a hassle-free setup. Customer service also deserves a nod; they were prompt and helpful in resolving a missing piece issue, exemplifying their dedication to customer satisfaction.

We did observe that the space inside the shed, while adequate, may not suffice for those with larger storage demands. With an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 from 66 ratings, it’s clear that most users have had positive experiences. In conclusion, the Keter Newton 757 shed is highly recommended for anyone looking for a reliable, attractive, and user-friendly garden storage solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Taking pride in our garden spaces often leads us to look for that perfect addition that blends practicality with aesthetics. That brought us to the Keter Newton 757, and now we’ll tackle some common inquiries about this particular garden shed.

What features distinguish the Keter Newton 757 from other garden sheds?

The Newton 757 stands out with its EVOTECH+™ finish, giving it a natural wood look without the maintenance that real wood demands. Additional unique attributes include:

-Double-walled panels and metal reinforcements for stability.
-Raised floor design to shield contents from water.
-Two large windows and a skylight for abundant natural light.

How does the durability of the Keter Newton 757 compare to traditional wooden sheds?

Thanks to the innovative construction materials, the Newton 757 outperforms many traditional wooden sheds in durability. Our experience suggests:

-Resistance to rot, decay, and insect damage is noticeably higher.
-Its ability to maintain appearance over time with little effort is a significant plus.

Can the Keter Newton 757 withstand extreme weather conditions, including heavy rain and snow?

During our review, we found the shed to be remarkably resilient:

-The structure can tolerate snow loads of up to 30lb ft2
-Its weather-resistant nature has been proven to withstand the rigors of both heavy rain and snowfall.

In terms of assembly and maintenance, how user-friendly is the Keter Newton 757 shed?

Our hands-on experience assembling the shed revealed:

-Clear instructions guided us through a straightforward process.
-Maintenance is minimal, owing to the shed’s high-quality materials and design that negate frequent upkeep.

What are the storage capacities and organizational options within the Keter Newton 757 shed?

Inside the shed, we discovered:

-A spacious interior that can accommodate a variety of tools and equipment,
-Flexibility to add shelving and organizational systems as per the user’s needs.

How does the cost-effectiveness of the Keter Newton 757 shed measure up against other sheds in its category?

We’ve taken into account the price relative to the shed’s features and durability and conclude:

-The Newton 757 offers exceptional value for its level of quality.
-The long-term savings on maintenance further justify its upfront cost.

In our professional opinion, the Keter Newton 757 balances beauty with practicality, withstanding the test of time and the elements, ultimately serving as a worthy investment for your garden storage needs.

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Keter Artisian 7 x 7 Outdoor Shed Review: Worth the Space?

Keter Artisian 7 x 7 Outdoor Shed Review: Worth the Space?

Securing and organizing outdoor essentials like bikes, tools, and lawn equipment becomes easier with the spacious interior and the sturdy double doors of this 7×7 foot shed. The structure’s unique wood-look plastic provides a contemporary vibe and makes it resilient against the elements. This means no rust or decay, and very little maintenance required over the years. The floor panels keep things dry, while the fixed window and ventilation ensure that the shed doesn’t turn into a sauna during the hotter months.

We appreciate the ease of assembly, with common household tools enough to assemble the whole unit. Plus, the neutral grey color is versatile, but it’s reassuring to know that the shed can be painted for those who like a bit more personal flair.

Bottom Line

The Keter Artisan shed offers a stylish way to neatly store and protect yard tools and outdoor items.

With its easy setup, modern design, and robust build, it is a top choice for storage needs.

Take a closer look at the Keter Artisan shed and consider making it the new addition to your outdoor space.

Overview: Keter Artisan 7 x 7 Foot Large Outdoor Shed

We found that the Artisan shed by Keter is a real asset for anyone looking to declutter their outdoor space with a touch of modern design. The resilience of its wood-like plastic and steel-reinforced roof stood out to us; it’s built to fend off rust, rot, and decay, a definite plus for any outdoor structure exposed to the elements.

The shed’s double doors make accessing your tools, bikes, or lawnmower a breeze, and the security features didn’t disappoint—although you’ll need to provide your own lock. We appreciated the floor panels, keeping everything inside protected from moisture. The natural light from the fixed window alongside the effective ventilation slots is a thoughtful touch for better visibility and air circulation.

Assembly was straightforward, with no need for specialized tools, allowing us to set it up quickly. While the shed’s appearance is sleek as is, the option to paint it offers a nice opportunity for customization.

In terms of size and weight, the shed’s dimensions aptly accommodate what most gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts might need without taking up too much space. Despite its few minor constraints, this Artisan 7 x 7 storage device is a durable, reliable, and attractive choice for your garden storage needs.

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Modern Design and Durability

Its modern design caught our attention as we explored the Keter Artisan outdoor shed. This isn’t just any storage unit; its wood-like aesthetic integrates seamlessly with any garden setting, upgrading our outdoor space with a touch of sophistication. We noticed that the steel-reinforced roof not only adds to its visual appeal but also ensures a sturdy structure. The durability is impressive, withstanding weather extremities without a hint of rust or decay.

The double doors are a practical feature, granting us easy access while being lockable to secure our tools and equipment. We found the floor panels a game-changer; they kept everything dry, even during heavy rains. Natural light from the fixed window and ample ventilation ensure that our stored items don’t suffer from moisture buildup or mold.

Assembly was straightforward with common household tools, and although it’s a robust structure weighing 306 pounds, customization is surprisingly manageable. Adding our personal touch was easy since the unit can be painted to match our outdoor decor. This shed stood up to the test in terms of resilience, maintaining its integrity without any special upkeep.

Spacious and Weather-Resistant

We’ve recently enjoyed exploring the practicality of the Keter Artisan shed for outdoor storage, and its spacious design is a definitive plus. With the internal dimensions generously accommodating, we easily stored large tools like bikes and lawnmowers without feeling cramped. The dual doors swing open to reveal an area that feels open and accessible.

Having experienced various weather conditions, we can attest to its resilience. The shed’s innovative wood-look plastic with steel-reinforced roofing stands strong against harsh sunlight, heavy rain, and even snow, effectively protecting stored items from the elements. We were especially impressed by how the built-in ventilation ensured airflow, preventing moisture buildup. The floor panels keeping everything dry, regardless of the rain pounding outside, was an additional benefit.

While setting it up, we appreciated that no special tools were needed, making the process manageable. Despite the elements, the Keter Artisan shows no signs of peeling, rusting, or decay. It’s a solid choice for anyone looking for a durable and robust outdoor storage solution.

Ease of Assembly

Assembling this Keter shed is a manageable endeavor. We found that although the process is straightforward, it definitely requires more than one person to put it all together efficiently. Based on our experience and several user testimonials, setting aside a day or two for assembly is a wise decision. While the instructions are clear and well-structured, having an extra pair of hands is essential to handle the large panels and numerous screws.

It’s important to start with a level base; not doing so could result in some real frustration as misalignment issues crop up. Also, patience is a virtue when assembling this shed since it comes with a substantial number of screws—over 400. Having a good drill is a must for this task.

In terms of the flooring, while it’s designed to keep contents dry and is included with the shed, it is somewhat hollow and may benefit from additional reinforcement. Some customers enhanced the base with foam or rubber for extra protection and comfort.

Lastly, we advise verifying all parts are present before starting. There have been a few mentions of delayed assembly due to missing parts. If this happens, be prepared to visit Keter’s website for support in securing any required replacements. Despite these considerations, we’re impressed with the result, and the shed presents a stylish storage solution once constructed.

Customization and Maintenance

We’ve found that the Keter Artisan 7×7 Shed offers a straightforward maintenance experience. The resin material mimics wood but stands up brilliantly to the elements, negating worries about rust, rot, or peeling paint. Its maintenance routine is minimal; usually, a simple hose down keeps it looking fresh.

In terms of customization, while the shed’s design is quite modern and sleek, there’s room for personalization. Though the walls have a wood-like texture, they can accommodate hooks or shelves to organize tools and outdoor equipment. However, modifications should be made thoughtfully to maintain structural integrity.

Assembling this shed is a task we’d classify as manageable with common household tools. Meanwhile, the lockable doors let us add our own padlock for security, which is a thoughtful touch, though it means an additional purchase. The fixed window and built-in ventilation slots are a plus, ensuring light and airflow without needing alterations.

Pros and Cons

When we recently got our hands on the Keter 7×7 shed, we noticed several aspects worth mentioning, both good and bad. Let’s break them down.


  • Design: The modern, sleek look really stands out. It’s not just another storage space; it adds a touch of elegance to our outdoor area.
  • Durability: With wood-look plastic walls and a steel-reinforced roof, this shed withstands weather beautifully. We found it remained sturdy and stable even in heavy winds.
  • Security: The lockable double doors are a big plus. Although the lock isn’t included, we felt assured that our items were safe once we added our own.
  • Natural Lighting: The fixed window and ventilation slots are cleverly designed. There’s ample natural light and airflow without compromising on security or weatherproofing.
  • Assembly: Putting it together is straightforward with common household tools, although it’s definitely better as a two-person job. The instructions are clear, which eased the process.


  • Heat: While the black roof gives it a nice finish, it does attract heat. During summer, the shed can get quite warm inside, which could be an issue, depending on what you’re storing.
  • Flooring: The floor panels are a concern. Although they’re described as durable, they feel a bit hollow and might require additional cushioning or flooring for heavy items.
  • Assembly Time: Don’t be fooled by the ease of assembly. Despite promoting simple construction, it takes considerable time, and more hands make for lighter work.
  • Damages: Some may arrive with damage like ours did. Scratched glass and minor sidings issues meant we had to do a bit of touch-up work out of the box.
  • Parts and Instructions: A few buyers have mentioned missing parts and unclear instructions for ordering replacements, which is something to keep an eye on.

We’ve had the Keter 7×7 shed in use for a while now and overall, it has been a valuable addition to our outdoor space, despite a few hiccups here and there.

Customer Reviews

We’ve gone through the customer feedback on the Keter Artisan 7×7 Shed and found that many purchasers are happy with the product’s sturdy build and the ease of assembly, though it clearly benefits from teamwork—ideally a two-person job. While some customers managed to assemble it solo over a weekend, others stress the importance of a level starting surface to avoid complications during setup.

However, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Some find the assembly more challenging than anticipated, with one customer mentioning it took most of the morning, even with help. Instructions seem to be a hit or miss, and a few noted that the manual isn’t as clear as it should be, recommending a visit to the manufacturer’s website for better guidance.

There have been instances of damage upon delivery, like scratched panels or missing parts, which understandably cause frustration. Yet, once past these hurdles, the end result is often praised for non-standard shed aesthetics and a solid finish.

Users also advise taking extra care with the shed’s flooring as it’s hollow, and some have added extra cushioning for durability. Overall, while the assembly can be a bit of a project, the general consensus is that the Keter Artisan Shed is a high-quality outdoor storage solution that meets the needs of most homeowners looking for functionality and style in their garden equipment storage.

Similar Sheds

Exploring alternatives to the Keter Artisan 7×7 shed, we’ve found a few notable options that share quite a few of its features. Here’s what stands out:

Rubbermaid 7×7 Feet Weather Resistant Resin Outdoor Storage Shed

  • Pros: Rubbermaid’s model is known for durable resin construction and is maintenance-free. It comes with a robust floor and double-wall construction.
  • Cons: Assembly might be challenging due to some unclear instructions, and customization is limited.

Suncast Cascade 7×7 Outdoor Storage Shed

  • Pros: Suncast offers a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing design with sturdy, double-wall construction and a reinforced floor.
  • Cons: Some users report the doors may not align perfectly, and customer support can be improved.

Lifetime 60042 7×7 Outdoor Storage Shed

  • Pros: Lifetime’s shed features high-density polyethylene plastic and powder-coated steel, providing strong weather resistance and durability. It also has added skylights.
  • Cons: The price point is higher compared to others, and it requires a level foundation for optimal assembly.


After spending some quality time with the Keter Artisan shed, we’ve come to appreciate its well-constructed design and modern appearance. Assembly, while requiring some effort and certainly easier with two people, proved to be a manageable task that can span across a single weekend. The instruction manual guides the process, but ensure your base is level for a smoother experience.

Our tools, bikes, and garden equipment found a new home in this spacious shed without a hint of clutter. The structure feels robust, and its aesthetic doesn’t deviate from the stylish promise it makes. While it stands strong, users should handle the flooring with care during assembly to ensure long-term durability.

Admittedly, some users have faced challenges with heated interior during summer, missing parts, and rare shipping damages. However, these issues seem to be exceptions, not the rule, and the manufacturer’s customer service steps in to resolve such matters.

The shed’s versatility and paintability are cherries on top, enabling a personal touch to match any outdoor setting. It’s not just a storage solution; it’s an enhancement to the outdoor space, marrying functionality with style. Our experience with it solidifies its reputation as a robust and attractive addition to any backyard.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering the Artisan 7×7, potential buyers often have a range of queries. We’ve gathered some of the most common ones to help guide you through what sets this shed apart, its durability, and practicality.

What are the distinguishing features of the Keter Artisan 7×7 Outdoor Shed compared to other models?

The Artisan 7×7 stands out with its modern design that mimics a wooden finish but offers the ruggedness of plastic construction. Its steel-reinforced roof and wood-look walls are unique elements that provide both style and strength. The double doors and lockable feature enhance security, while natural light and airflow are facilitated through crystal clear windows and ventilation slots.

How does the durability of the Keter Artisan 7×7 Shed compare to traditional wooden sheds?

Constructed with wood-look plastic and backed by a steel-reinforced roof, the durability levels of the Artisan 7×7 shed surpass that of traditional wooden sheds. When exposed to the elements, it resists peeling, rusting, rotting, and decaying, issues often associated with wood. Our experience has shown that its materials provide a maintenance-free alternative to wood without sacrificing aesthetics.

Can the Keter Artisan 7×7 Shed withstand extreme weather conditions?

Indeed, it can. The Artisan 7×7 is engineered to withstand diverse weather conditions. The UV protection ensures it doesn’t fade under harsh sunlight, and the waterproof design keeps the interior dry during rainstorms—characteristics imperative for an all-weather outdoor shed.

What do users generally say about the ease of assembly for the Keter Artisan 7×7 Outdoor Shed?

From various accounts, assembling the Artisan 7×7 shed appears to be a manageable task for two people. While some users have completed the set-up within a day, others spread it across two, largely influenced by factors like preparation and skill level. It seems a good drill and a level foundation are crucial to simplify the process.

How does the Keter Artisan 7×7 Shed perform in terms of water resistance and damp proofing?

Based on user feedback and our insights, the Artisan 7×7 scores highly on water resistance. The floor panels do an excellent job keeping the interior dry and well-protected from the damp. The shed’s weatherproof design contributes to its robust defense against water infiltration.

What maintenance is required to keep the Keter Artisan 7×7 Shed in optimal condition?

The beauty of the Artisan 7×7 lies in its low-maintenance design. The shed’s plastic materials don’t require the same level of upkeep as wood. An occasional clean with mild soap and water should suffice to keep it looking new. There’s no need for painting, staining, or treating the shed, making it a convenient choice for those seeking a hassle-free storage solution.

Keter Manor 4×6 Shed Kit Review: Top Outdoor Solution?

If you’re tired of the constant battle against clutter in your basement or garage, we’ve recently put the Keter Manor Outdoor Shed to the test. Its compact yet spacious design enables you to effortlessly store everything from lawnmowers and garden tools to beach chairs and fertilizers. Constructed from durable resin, this shed stands out for its promise of no peeling, denting, or rotting—a common issue with wooden and metal alternatives.

Keter Manor Outdoor Shed

The Manor Shed’s wide door simplifies the process of moving large items in and out, and its wood-like texture adds aesthetic value to any outdoor space. Not to mention, the fixed window and ventilation ensure that the interior is both illuminated and well-aired. Security-wise, a lockable latch keeps your belongings secure, though you’ll have to provide your own lock.

Bottom Line

From our experience, the Keter Manor Shed is a robust solution for your outdoor storage needs. It is not just weather-resistant and maintenance-free but also enhances your home’s exterior.

Interested in reclaiming your space? Click here to check out the Keter Manor Shed on Amazon and organize your outdoor area with ease!

Keter Manor 4×6 Resin Outdoor Storage Shed Overview

After spending some time with the Keter Manor shed, our team found that it efficiently solves the issue of outdoor clutter. Its resin construction ensures durability, withstanding weather without rusting or peeling. Its gray and white façade with a wood-like texture adds a touch of elegance that can enhance the look of any home.

We especially appreciate the ample storage space inside, big enough to house a lawnmower, bikes, and various garden tools. Accessing these large items is hassle-free thanks to the double doors. Natural light streams in through a fixed window, paired with the vented design, keeping the interior bright yet well-ventilated.

Though it’s a solid structure, assembling it requires a bit of elbow grease, yet no special tools or paints are ever needed, as the material is maintenance-free. On the downside, some might find the floor weight capacity limiting for very heavy equipment. But overall, our time with this shed suggests that it’s a reliable choice for anyone looking to organize their outdoor space effectively.

Durability and Maintenance

In our hands-on experience with the Keter Manor shed, its resilience stood out as a noteworthy trait. Made from polypropylene resin plastic, reinforced with steel, the structure is impervious to common problems that plague wooden or metal sheds, such as rotting, rusting, and peeling. This fortitude ensures that it braves the elements without the need for painting or other routine treatments, saving us time and hassle over the years.

The shed is also adept at confronting harsh weather, displaying both waterproof and UV-protected properties. This means the integrity of items stored inside is not compromised, and the aesthetic appeal of the shed’s wood-like texture is maintained despite continuous exposure to the sun or rain.

For upkeep, the maintenance routine is fairly low-key. We’ve found that a simple wash with water occasionally suffices to keep it looking as good as new. Assembly is straightforward but requires patience; it took us a couple of hours, and having two people makes it easier, especially for the roof installation.

It’s evident the Keter Manor shed is built to last with minimal upkeep, a blend that we find practical for busy lifestyles. While minor imperfections can occur, such as delivery damage or occasional misalignment during assembly, these are often manageable with little effort. Overall, for those looking for a durable maintenance-free storage solution, this shed could be a solid choice.

Capacity and Size

After recently organizing our garden tools and outdoor gear in the Keter Manor storage shed, we’ve found its capacity quite commendable. The shed’s dimensions, roughly 76 inches deep by 51 inches wide and standing at a height of about 78 inches, make it a snug fit for a variety of items, from patio furniture cushions to lawn mowers and beach chairs. Even with bicycles inside, we’ve still managed to comfortably navigate around for other stored items.

However, it’s important to consider that although the shed maximizes vertical space well, its footprint does require thoughtful planning to ensure your yard can accommodate it. We suggest measuring the designated spot in your garden before purchasing, making sure there’s ample room not only for the structure but also for ease of access when retrieving items.

The shed’s sturdy build, with a strong resin top and effective water resistance, assures us that our belongings stay dry and secure. It’s a straightforward solution for storage needs, blending functionality with a neat, compact design.

Weather Resistance and Protection

We recently got hands-on with the KETER Manor outdoor storage shed and tested its durability against the elements. The material is a sturdy polypropylene resin that’s steel-reinforced, giving us confidence in its ability to withstand some serious use. The structure held up well throughout the changing seasons, showing no signs of peeling, rusting, or rotting, a testament to its weather-resistant design.

The shed’s waterproof build meant that even during heavy rainfalls, the interiors stayed dry, protecting all stored items. Its UV protection also ensures that the shed won’t degrade in direct sunlight, maintaining its integrity and appearance through sunny days.

One aspect we noted was the inclusion of a skylight and window, which not only provided natural light but also improved air circulation, preventing any musty odors often associated with outdoor sheds. While sturdy and reliable, some users did report minor defects and delivery damage. However, these seem to be isolated incidents that do not largely detract from the overall protection and resistance to weather provided by the shed. In our experience, its performance in various weather conditions has been impressive, maintaining a balance between functionality and appearance without the need for frequent maintenance.

Natural Light Inclusion and Air Circulation

Our experience with the Keter Manor shed highlighted notable features concerning light and air. The shed comes with a skylight and side window, which we found effectively bring in natural light. This inclusion means less fumbling around in the dark for garden tools or patio furniture.

However, it’s not just about visibility—the shed’s design ensures a degree of air circulation too. This is crucial to prevent the buildup of any musty smells that you often find in less well-ventilated storage spaces. We’re all too familiar with opening up sheds and being greeted by a wall of stale air, but that wasn’t our experience here.

While these features are beneficial, they are also subtle and blend well with the overall design. The shed remains robust and secure despite these inclusions, which sometimes can weaken the structure of storage solutions. It’s a fine balance between durability and comfort, and from our use, the Keter Manor manages this well.

Aesthetic Appeal and Design

When we first saw our Keter Manor shed, the sleek grey and white color scheme was striking. It promised to blend with various outdoor spaces, be it a garden setting or a more utilitarian backyard area. The shed’s wood-like texture adds a sophisticated charm that doesn’t overpower but complements your home’s outdoor aesthetic.

Unlike traditional wooden sheds that often look weathered and require regular maintenance, this resin shed maintains a clean appearance without repainting. The fixed window is a pleasant touch that brings in natural light and gives the structure a more inviting look.

The design, centered around practicality, sports a double door allowing easy access to stow away items like a lawn mower or patio furniture. As for its floor plan, the spacious interior implied promise of a clutter-free outdoor area.

However, not everything about the design won out for us. While the double-wall extruded panels attest to durability, some may need a heftier material to match the robustness of traditional wood or metal sheds. Despite this, the Keter Manor shed held its own, presenting an appealing balance between function and style.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to outdoor storage, the Keter Manor shed has a lot to offer. Our hands-on experience with it reveals a number of benefits as well as a handful of drawbacks.


  • Generous Size: With an interior that boasts 131.8 cubic feet, we found it spacious enough to house lawn mowers, garden tools, and bikes with ease.
  • Weather Resistant: Constructed from polypropylene resin plastic reinforced with steel, it stands up to the elements without peeling, rotting, or rusting.
  • Low Maintenance: The shed’s material ensures durability and eliminates the need for painting, which we appreciate for its convenience.
  • Natural Lighting and Ventilation: The inclusion of a skylight and window provides ample light inside, and the vent aids in air circulation.
  • Attractive Design: Its wood-like texture is quite stylish and nicely complements outdoor spaces, blending in rather than sticking out.


  • Assembly Time: While certainly doable as a DIY project, setting it up can take several hours and is easier with two people, especially for the roof.
  • Durability Concerns: Despite its weather resistance, there are minor reports of material damage like a split in the roof panel that required repairs.
  • Missing Parts: A few users reported missing pieces upon delivery, which can be frustrating and delay the assembly process.
  • Challenging Assembly: The consensus is that patience is required during assembly. Some sections can be tricky to fit together, and the instructions, though clear, demand meticulous attention.

Ultimately, the Keter Manor shed strikes a balance between functionality and design. It’s our view that its spaciousness, weather resistance, and low maintenance make it a solid choice for those needing extra outdoor storage. On the flip side, potential buyers should be ready for possible assembly challenges and be vigilant about checking for all components on arrival.

What Other Similar Sheds Are Available?

When we recently organized our outdoor tools and accessories, we found a few alternatives to the Keter Manor shed that stood out for various reasons. A shed named the Suncast Stow-Away Horizontal Storage Shed offers a different layout with its horizontal design, ideal for those who might have height restrictions or prefer a lower profile unit for their garden. Regarding durability, the Rubbermaid Large Vertical Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Shed is a strong contender, sharing the weather-resistant qualities of the Keter Manor with a slightly different vertical storage approach.

Another shed that caught our attention is the Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed with Shutters. This one brings a more homely feel due to its shutters and additional aesthetic features. While it shares the robustness with the Keter Manor, the Lifetime shed offers a more residential appearance that might blend better with certain outdoor decors. Each of these sheds provides a mix of durability and practicality, though they all have unique features that could make them more suitable for different user needs.

Customer Reviews

We’ve examined feedback from numerous customers who’ve tackled assembling the Keter Manor storage shed. The consensus seems to be that, with a few hours and an extra set of hands, the shed comes together nicely. Despite some initial doubts about the materials’ durability—similar to a thick, corrugated plastic—the design is frequently praised for its cleverness and aesthetics.

Some of us found the instructions straightforward, leading to a satisfying DIY project that enhanced our backyard’s look. However, a few others encountered minor defects or damage upon delivery, which resulted in the need for repairs or creative fixes. For those who experienced missing parts or complex assembly steps, it proved to be a frustrating ordeal.

We appreciate its style and, once erected, the shed serves well for storing garden tools or patio furniture. It’s clear that patience is key during assembly, and the end result, for most, is a functional and pleasant addition to their outdoor space. Overall, the shed garners positive remarks for being a practical storage solution, albeit with some room for improvement regarding quality control and assembly ease.


After spending some time assembling the Keter Manor storage shed, we’ve formed a solid impression of its pros and cons. This sturdy little building is a charming addition to any outdoor space, especially if you’re looking to declutter your garden tools or patio accessories. Its design, with the grey and white tones, brings a surprisingly cute style that fits well in a backyard setting.

We certainly found the assembly process manageable. It’s easier with two people, especially when fitting the roof. The instructions are clear, which is a relief, but expect to invest a few hours in the setup. The pieces fit like a puzzle, rendering a robust final product.

However, it’s noteworthy that there can be some minor material quality issues and delivery mishaps, like a split in a roof panel. While these aren’t deal-breakers and can often be fixed with a bit of ingenuity, they’re points to consider.

In terms of functionality, the shed meets expectations for typical storage needs, although if you plan on storing valuable or heavy-duty equipment, you might want to look for something a bit more fortified. For the price point and the aesthetics, this Keter Manor shed holds its own as a reliable, if not perfect, solution for most storage woes.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to outdoor storage, we’ve all experienced the challenge of finding a shed that balances durability with aesthetics. Here, we tackle some common queries about the Keter Manor 4×6 shed to help you gauge if it’s a fit for your needs.

How does the Keter Manor 4×6 shed hold up against weather conditions?

Having had firsthand experience with the Keter Manor, we can confirm that it stands up well to various weather conditions. Its sturdy resin construction provides weather resistance, ensuring that contents stay dry during rain showers. The shed is UV-protected to prevent the color from fading under harsh sunlight. However, extra precautions might be necessary in extreme conditions with heavy snowfall or very high winds.

What are the differences between the Keter Manor 4×6 shed and the Keter Factor 4×6 shed?

While both sheds share similarities in size and basic construction materials, some distinctions exist. The Manor has a more traditional, wood-like texture aimed at seamlessly blending with garden decor. The Factor, on the other hand, tends to have a slightly more robust build with additional features such as more windows or shelving options. It ultimately boils down to specific preferences regarding style and functionality.

Can the Keter Manor 4×6 resin shed accommodate larger equipment?

The Manor is cleverly designed to utilize space efficiently for its size. We easily stored standard garden tools, a lawn mower, and several beach chairs without feeling cramped. Larger equipment might fit, but it’s essential to measure first. Remember, the internal dimensions limit the size of items you can store.

What are the assembly instructions like for the Keter Manor 4×6 shed, and is it easy to build?

From our experience, assembling the Keter Manor is quite straightforward. The instructions are clear, with visuals guiding you through each step. It’s a two-person job—having an extra set of hands makes the process smoother, especially when fitting the roof. Allow yourself a few hours for assembly, and you’ll have it up without hassle.

Is the Keter Manor 4×6 shed resistant to issues like mold and mildew?

The resin material makes the shed weather-resistant and keeps issues like mold and mildew at bay. We’ve noticed that the built-in ventilation promotes airflow, reducing the dampness that typically leads to such problems. Regular cleaning is still recommended, but you won’t have to contend with frequent mold outbreaks.

How does the price and value of the Keter Manor 4×6 shed compare to similar sheds sold at Costco?

Price comparison can vary based on promotions and specific models, but generally, the Manor is competitively priced. In our assessment, the value you receive from the durable build, easy assembly, and low maintenance stands up to many options available at big-box retailers like Costco. Balancing price with features, the Keter Manor holds its market.