Suncast Garbage Can Storage Shed, Review

suncast horiztonal garbage can storage
Suncast Horizontal Garbage Can Storage

The Suncast GS2000 is no longer manufactured, click here to look at other, similar storage boxes.

The Suncast Garbage Can Storage Shed could be the solution to your outdoor trash can storage. This particular model has a capacity of 30 cubic feet and will comfortably hold two x 30 gallon trash cans. It has been cleverly designed so that you can either prop the lid open to access the contents from the top, or you can alternatively open up the two doors from the front. It is made from durable resin which ensures that maintenance and cleaning is easy. The design is such that water is kept out, ensuring the contents remain dry.

You won’t need tools to put it together either because the pieces simply snap together and you will also find that built in supports have been included inside, so that if you wanted to put a shelf there, you can. This feature shows the versatility of this garbage shed because it can be used to store other things aside from trash cans, such as garden tools for example. It has also been designed to accept a padlock if you wanted to lock it up and you can also lock the lid as well.

The Suncast GS2000 is no longer manufactured, click here to look at other, similar storage boxes.

Features of the Suncast Garbage Can Shed

Design – a storage shed designed specifically for trash cans
Materials – made from tough weather-resistant resin which also ensures durability
Lid – is designed to lift up and can also be propped opened if necessary. The option to lock it is also available.
Doors – central opening barn style doors can also be locked
Assembly – is easy and no tools are necessary. The pieces simply ‘snap’ together.
Versatile – can be used for other storage purposes besides trash and there is provision for you to add an interior shelf if you wanted to.
Waterproof – the contents will stay dry
Size – assembled size is 55 W x 37 D x by 39 H inches. Don’t forget that if you want to prop open the lid, you will need a space with extra height.
Internal Capacity – is 49 W x 31 D x 33 H inches
Other Sizes Available20 and 45 cubic feet


Measures: 42 x 57.5 x 18 inches – packed
Weighs: 75 pounds
ASIN: B000063084
Item No: GS2000

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What’s Great About the Suncast Garbage Can Storage Shed?

  • Very easy to put together by literally ‘snapping’ the pieces together
suncast garbage can storage_open
Suncast garbage can storage inside view
  • Well made
  • Neutral color
  • Made from tough plastic
  • Has a good finish
  • Plastic is stiff yet flexible
  • Can easily hose it out to clean
  • Has a prop to hold up the lid
  • Great barn door style design
  • Doors can easily be removed if necessary
  • Great price
  • What’s Not so Great

    • Need to ensure there is sufficient room for the lid to open up
    • Some customers found it was too light in weight

    Customer Feedback and Reviews

    Reviews for the Suncast GS2000 Garbage Can Storage Shed are above average. Things like liked about it included its easy assembly, excellent value for money, easy clean surface and the door design. They also liked how it could be used for storing other items besides using it as a garbage shed. This Garbage Can Storage Shed needs to be set on level ground for optimal performance and a few customers found it was too light. To read more about what customers had to say, you can read their reviews here.

    Our Recommendation

    The Suncast Garbage Can Storage Shed is no longer available. Customers found it useful for other storage purposes aside from storing trash. Based on customer feedback we are pleased to recommend it as a value for money storage option.

    The Suncast GS2000 is no longer manufactured, click here to look at other, similar storage boxes.