Suncast BMS6312D Everett Shed Review: Top Yard Solution?

Looking for a space-efficient way to declutter your yard? We’ve just set up the Suncast Everett Storage Shed, and its design has transformed our outdoor space. With a capacity of 94 cubic feet, it’s the perfect size to store our garden tools and pool accessories without overwhelming our limited yard area.

Accessing our equipment is a breeze with the shed’s large double doors, and the pad-lockable handles (we’ll need to get a padlock separately) give us peace of mind knowing our items are secure. The shed’s heavy-duty, metal-reinforced construction promises durability, crucial for withstanding the elements.

Suncast Everett Storage Shed

A standout feature for us is the smart fusion of one skylight and large windows bathing the interior in natural light, paired with practical air vents for proper ventilation. We’re also fans of its maintenance ease, resilience against the sun’s UV rays, and pleasing aesthetic that enhances our outdoor space.

Bottom Line

The Suncast Everett Storage Shed is a robust and stylish solution for any yard. It integrates seamlessly with the surroundings while offering ample storage space.

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Suncast BMS6312D Everett Storage Shed Review: A Space-Saving Solution

When we came across the Suncast Everett Storage Shed, seeing a storage solution that balanced capacity with a compact design was refreshing. With 94 cubic feet of space on a footprint snugly beside our garage, it was just the right size for our gardening tools and pool accessories. The double doors swung open easily, offering unhindered access, although we’ll have to invest in a padlock since it’s not included.

The structure’s durability impressed us, as the metal-reinforced resin panels held up well against the elements, and the reinforced floor didn’t buckle under weighty equipment. On sunny days, the skylight and windows invite a nice, bright wash of natural light, eliminating the need for artificial lighting during the daytime.

Although assembly required some effort, the process presented no major challenges. We did have to pause to appreciate the shed’s attractiveness, as it blends seamlessly into our yard with its shingle-style roof and classic design. It requires minimal maintenance and has proven to be a robust and practical addition to our outdoor space.

Slim Footprint Design

In assessing this Suncast storage shed’s design, we can’t help but be impressed by its ability to fit snugly into limited outdoor spaces. We found that this model’s 6′ x 3′ footprint offers a generous 94 cubic feet of storage without overwhelming the yard or garden area. This makes it an ideal choice for those who need to maximize storage in a minimal space.

From our experience, the sleek design complements a variety of outdoor settings and is particularly useful along the sides of a house or garage. Not only does it accommodate various outdoor items seamlessly, but it also maintains an unobtrusive presence that doesn’t detract from a yard’s aesthetic.

One concern that often comes with smaller sheds is accessibility. However, the large double doors alleviate any worries about reaching stored items easily. The pad-lockable handles added a sense of security to the shed, although buyers should note they’ll need to provide their own padlock.

When it came to assembly, it was straightforward enough, adding to the overall practicality of the shed. The sturdy feel of the multi-wall resin panels reassured us of its durability, which was a definite plus. The presence of windows and a skylight is a thoughtful touch, keeping interior visibility high without artificial lighting during the day.

What rounded out the shed’s appeal was that Suncast didn’t sacrifice appearance for utility despite its compact size and functionality. The architectural accents and shingle-style roof contribute to an attractive design many homeowners would appreciate.

Secure Storage with Pad-Lockable Doors

Recently, we had the chance to store some of our lawn equipment and gardening tools in the BMS6312D shed. Its pad-lockable double doors caught our attention as a noteworthy safety feature. We found the resin handles to be sturdy and provided a sense of security, leaving us at ease knowing that our valuables were safeguarded against theft (note that a padlock is to be purchased separately).

The resin handles ensure that the doors stay firmly shut but also allow for an easy opening when you’re ready to access your items. It’s a practical design that doesn’t compromise on security, which is a balance not always found in outdoor sheds. We appreciated how this system gave us control over the security of our equipment.

While evaluating the shed, we recognized that this security feature is as crucial as the storage space itself, particularly if you’re in an area where security is a concern. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your belongings are locked away safely is invaluable. However, don’t forget to purchase a padlock, as it’s essential to complete the shed’s security.

Durability and All-Weather Protection

We’ve been hands-on with the Suncast Everett 6′ x 3′ Shed, and durability is one of its standout traits. It’s built to withstand the rigors of outdoor conditions without breaking a sweat. The reinforced multi-wall resin panels offer robust water resistance, meaning we didn’t have to worry about any stored items getting damaged by rain or moisture. This shed is designed with weather adversity in mind.

UV protection is another crucial aspect that Suncast has taken into account. We noticed that despite the shed being in an area exposed to direct sunlight for most of the day, there was no discoloration or material degradation. This UV resistance ensures our shed looks as good as new, even after a hot summer.

The robust resin floor can handle quite the load; we stored heavy gardening tools and equipment without any signs of strain or sagging. Stability wasn’t an issue even on windy days, which speaks volumes about its construction. However, do note that for optimal security, we would recommend getting a good-quality padlock since the shed comes with pad-lockable handles, but the lock itself isn’t included.

Incorporating air vents is a smart touch, preventing any buildup of condensation inside, which could potentially harm any metal tools or machinery we decided to store. Plus, the sheer sturdiness of the construction gave us peace of mind that our possessions were well shielded against the elements. Despite all these features, remember that this isn’t a fortress; extreme conditions could still pose a challenge, but it easily meets the mark for regular use.

Natural Lighting and Ventilation

After spending some time with the Suncast Everett Shed, we noticed several key aspects regarding its natural lighting and ventilation that deserve mention. Including a built-in skylight and sizable windows significantly affects how the interior feels during the day. On sunny days, we found no need to fiddle with artificial lights; the natural light flooding in is ample for most storage and organization tasks.

Ventilation, often overlooked in outdoor structures like this, is well addressed. Strategically placed air vents ensured a steady flow of air, vital for preventing mildew and keeping the inside smell fresh despite fluctuating outdoor temperatures. We appreciate these features, especially considering how important it is to keep stored items in good condition.

While these features enhance the user experience, they also introduce a potential weakness. The windows and skylight mean more areas to consider for long-term durability against the elements. The all-weather materials used in the shed’s construction seem sturdy, yet it’s something we’re keeping an eye on as time progresses. Overall, these design choices contribute positively to the shed’s functional appeal without compromising its attractiveness.

Easy Maintenance and Attractive Design

After spending time with the Everett shed by Suncast, we were pleased with how well it paired with our yard’s aesthetics. Its Dove Gray color offers a sophisticated touch that blends seamlessly into our outdoor space. Unlike some storage solutions that stick out like a sore thumb, this shed has a beautiful shingle-style roof and architectural details that enhance the yard rather than detract from it.

Regarding upkeep, the resin construction stands out for its simplicity. Whether it’s dust, garden soil, or rainwater, a quick rinse is often all it takes to keep the exterior looking fresh. The metal-reinforced, multi-wall resin panels are notably adept at handling the elements, maintaining a pristine appearance despite varying weather conditions.

Adding air vents was a thoughtful touch, preventing mustiness and humidity that can often plague outdoor storage spaces. Plus, with the incorporated skylights and windows, we rarely needed a flashlight during daylight hours – a convenience one tends to appreciate more over time.

We think this shed strikes the right balance as someone who values form and function. The all-weather durability and water resistance mean less time spent on maintenance, while the design ensures your backyard maintains its charming appearance.

Pros and Cons


After recently putting the Suncast Everett Shed to use, we found that its compact 6′ x 3′ design is a great space-saver for when yard room is in short supply. The shed tucks away nicely without overshadowing the home or garden aesthetics. We appreciate the generous 94 cubic feet of storage space, which accommodates various lawn equipment and garden tools.

We also value the security the pad-lockable double doors offer; though the padlock isn’t included, the feature ensures our items are safe and deters unwarranted access. The heavy-duty, reinforced resin construction equips the shed for all-season durability, with a promise of water resistance and UV protection, ensuring our investments are shielded from the elements.

The natural light streaming in through the skylight and windows is especially beneficial, illuminating the interior during the day and minimizing the need for artificial lighting. Proper ventilation is assured by the air vents, which maintain air circulation and help prevent any moisture buildup.

From an aesthetic perspective, the dove gray color and shingle-style roof panels offer an elegant touch to our yard. The shed doesn’t just store our belongings; it complements our outdoor space.


While assembling the Everett Shed, we noted that assembly requires some time and effort. The manufacturer suggests it’s a task with minimal tool requirements, but a foundation must be prepared beforehand to ensure stability, which could be a slight challenge for some.

Additionally, despite the shed’s substantial floor support, heavier items may require extra caution when being stored. While the resin is durable and offers many benefits, it doesn’t bear the same weight as some metal or wood structures.

We also observed that the shed’s dimensions may not be enough for those with many items to store. You might find the space too limited if you have larger yard equipment or many tools. For this reason, we recommend the Everett Shed for those with modest storage needs.

Customer Reviews

From our hands-on time with the Suncast BMS6312D Shed, we’ve aggregated insights from various customers, balancing good with the not-so-good. Overall, buyers seem pleased, emphasizing its ease of assembly and solid construction. Indeed, we found the instructions clear, making setup a breeze, noticing you can even manage solo with help from a diligent pre-teen.

We appreciated the snug fit for bikes and other gear, echoing users who report it snugly houses such items in spaces as tight as behind a house or near a patio—an attractive feature for those with limited outdoor square footage. The shed is also lauded for its ability to blend into the background, not an eyesore but a subtle addition to a yard.

However, as the instructions suggested, constructing a foundation for the shed took us—and other customers—additional time. But this investment was worthwhile considering the stability it offers the structure. On delivery, we found the service prompt and careful, similar to customer accounts, placing the box in a sensible, dry area.

In contrast to these positives, we noticed, as did some customers, that while the shed appears sturdy at first, its all-weather claims may be tested in harsh conditions. It’s a detail we’ll closely watch, especially during seasonal changes.

Similar Outdoor Sheds

Having recently worked with the Suncast Everett shed, we appreciated its balance of size and functionality. However, in our adventure to optimize backyard space, we’ve encountered a few other contenders that merit consideration.

Rubbermaid’s Large Vertical Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Shed is comparable. It offers a maintenance-free exterior and ample room for tools and equipment. The unique selling point is its robust lockable doors that ensure a secure space for belongings.

The Keter Factor Large 4 x 6 ft. Resin Outdoor Backyard Garden Storage Shed also stands out. It brings the charm with its wood-like texture and provides generous storage options. Those who seek an aesthetically appealing shed with the durability of resin might tilt in its favor.

Lastly, we examined the Lifetime 60057 Outdoor Storage Shed, which offers a slightly larger footprint. Its steel-reinforced construction and skylights offering natural light make it a strong candidate for those needing extra durability and visibility inside their shed. Compared to the Everett model, the expansive interior can be a major plus for storing bulkier equipment.


After spending some time with the Everett shed by Suncast, we’ve observed its sturdiness and practicality firsthand. Its assembly process is quite straightforward, making set-up a breeze for us. It fits seamlessly into small spaces, making it an ideal pick when outdoor real estate is limited. Remarkably, it even accommodates bikes, although it’s a tight fit.

In our utilization, the shed has proved to be well-made and thoughtfully designed, providing water resistance and UV protection. The pad-lockable doors contribute to the security aspect, which we appreciate. It’s also worth noting that a proper foundation is necessary for optimal stability—a step some might overlook.

Its subtle Dove Gray color allowed it to blend with our yard without sticking out like a sore thumb. However, remember that constructing the wooden foundation may be the most time-consuming part. All in all, it’s a solid choice for those in need of durable and efficient yard storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of us have specific needs and questions about the products we consider for outdoor storage solutions. We’ve gathered some of the most common inquiries about the Suncast BMS6312D Everett Shed to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your outdoor storage.

How does the Suncast BMS6312D Everett Shed perform in various weather conditions?

Constructed with weather resistance in mind, it has held up well in our experience under both sun and rain. The materials provide good UV protection and withstand various weather conditions without noticeable degradation or leaks.

Is the assembly process for the Suncast BMS6312D Everett Shed user-friendly?

We found the assembly process quite straightforward from our time putting it together. Although it’s easier with two people, it can be assembled single-handedly by following clear instructions. It requires minimal tools, which adds to the convenience.

What customization options are available for the Suncast BMS6312D Everett Shed, such as adding shelves or windows?

Though it comes with pre-included windows for natural light, further customization can be done depending on your storage needs. Users add shelving units inside to organize tools and equipment, enhancing its functionality.

How does the Suncast BMS6312D Everett Shed compare to other Suncast sheds in terms of durability and design?

This shed boasts a sturdy construction that gives it an edge in durability. Its design is streamlined and modern, blending with most yard decors while being rather convenient for narrow spaces. It’s a well-balanced mix of aesthetic and practicality compared to other models.

What type of maintenance is required to keep the Suncast BMS6312D Everett Shed in good condition?

Maintenance is minimal. We recommend a regular check-up and cleaning routine. Just a simple washdown usually keeps it looking as good as new. Keeping hinges lubricated and ensuring the area is debris-free helps prolong its lifespan.