Keter 6 ft x 3 ft Factor Storage Shed Review

Keter Factor Resin Shed
Keter 6×3 Storage Shed

With storage being an ongoing issue for many households, an affordable yet functional solution can be difficult to find. The Keter 6 ft x 3 ft Factor Storage Shed is an attractive storage solution with plenty of interior space. Keter sheds are plastic and customers have found this particular Keter shed to be watertight and stable through stormy and windy weather. It is an attractive design with a gable type roof and is adequately ventilated.

Keter sheds provide maintenance free storage and this one comes with steel reinforcing and can be locked. You can store garden tools BBQ gear and other household items and know that they will be safe.

Features of the Keter Factor Storage Shed

Design – a plastic prefabricated garden shed designed for solving storage issues in and around your home and garden

Footprint – 70 inches wide x 44 ½ inches deep x 82 inches high and this is an ideal size for storing garden tools with room to spare

Capacity – over 100 cubic feet which is ideal for household and yard storage

Materials – hard plastic resin is used as the primary material, however you will be pleased to note that steel reinforcing has been included so that you enjoy the benefits of having extra stability

Floor Panel – is included however for best results you should always ensure the base of the shed is completely flat end even

Skylight – this is included with the package and ensures you have a good light source available

Maintenance – being made from hard plastic, maintenance is minimal with a brush down and a wash from time to time all that is required. You will not need to deal with peeling paintwork, rust or denting of your shed.

Assembly – is required and a small amount of trimming may be necessary in some instances to ensure the pieces fit together snugly. Some basic tools such as pliers and a screwdriver will be very helpful in putting this Keter Factor Shed together.

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Measures: 70 x 44.5 x 82 inches
Weighs: 136.5 pounds
Item No: 213040
Warranty: 10 Year Limited

What’s Great About the Keter Factor Storage Shed?Keter Apex Shed

  • Plenty of space inside
  • Shed is waterproof and storm proof
  • Great price
  • Good product
  • Can handle the sun in Florida
  • Can solve storage problems
  • Attractive shed which looks great in the garden
  • Great design
  • Seems durable
  • Great customer service from the company

What’s Not so Great

  • Difficult to put together and requires additional tools

Customer Feedback and Reviews

We gave the Keter Factor Storage Shed a 4 out of 5 star rating. Things we like about it include its reasonable price, appearance, design, stability, weatherproof design and its sturdy construction. Some customers that purchased this shed had difficulty with assembly and found that extra tools, and in some cases, trimming, was required to put it together. Even so, they still really liked what the shed had to offer. One person had an issue with a damaged part, but it was quickly taken care of by Amazon. To read more about what customers had to say, you can read their reviews here.

Our Recommendation

The Keter Factor Storage Shed is available from online retailers and is eligible for free shipping, if you qualify. To check out the latest price on Amazon, you can find it here. A majority of the customers rated this Keter Storage Shed highly and even though some customers found it a bit difficult to put together, they still rated it positively because of its price, functionality and performance. Based on customer feedback, we are pleased to recommend the Keter Factor Shed as a value for the money storage shed.

Keter Apex 4×6 Storage Shed

Discontinued by Manufacturer. To see other similar sheds, click here.

The Keter Apex 4×6 Storage Shed is one of Keter’s smaller sheds but still adequate for storing a range of garden tools, kid’s toys and bikes. Keter storage sheds have a reputation for functionality and because the materials used are resin reinforced with metal, you will never need to worry about maintenance. This shed is weatherproof and your gear will stay dry inside, even through rainstorms.

Keter Apex Storage Shed
Keter 4×6 Storage Shed

You won’t be short of light inside either as a skylight and side window ensure plenty of light during daylight hours. Another feature customers were impressed with is the provision for extra storage that has been made inside by way of holes for shelf supports. Should you wish to do so, you can purchase pre-made wooden shelving to fit. Customers like the appearance of Keter storage products and this one is a neutral beige/brown that is designed to blend into your garden environment. Its size means that it will fit unobtrusively and remain hidden if you so wish. It’s easy to assemble and while it can be done with one person, you will likely need help with the skylight and side window. Construction will be quicker if you have a helper.

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Features of the Keter Apex Storage Shed

Design – a maintenance free, functional storage solution for toys, bikes or garden tools
Materials – the shed is made from metal-reinforced resin so essentially, is reinforced plastic that is both termite proof and maintenance free
Capacity – 140 cubic feet
Floor Panel – is included and should be set on a level surface
Maintenance – not required because of the materials used in construction and is a great timesaver. The shed is immune from rusting, denting and peeling.
Weatherproof – does not absorb water and performs well in stormy, windy weather
Skylight and Side Window – are both included and together allow for adequate light inside the shed
Lockable – you can add a locking device if you need to



Measures: 75 x 85 x 51 inches
Weighs: 144 pounds
Item No: 17181074

What’s Great About the Keter Apex Storage Shed?Keter Apex 4x6 Storage Shed

  • Comes with a skylight and side window for light
  • Looks great when set up in the yard
  • Easy to set up – if you have two people on the job it is much faster and easier
  • Instructions are reasonably clear
  • Parts all fit together well
  • Pretty sturdy and is waterproof while being able to hold up in windy storms

What’s Not so Great

  • Doesn’t come with tool hangers and you will need to supply your own shelves

Customer Feedback and Reviews

We give the Keter Apex Storage Shed a 4 out of 5 star rating. Things we like about it include its price, easy assembly, appearance, storage capacity as well as its ability to withstand rain and storms with high winds. One customer that purchased the shed was disappointed there weren’t any accessories from which to hang tools as well as the fact that you need to purchase your own shelves, if you want them. To read more about what customers had to say, you can read their reviews here.


The Keter Apex 4×6 Storage Shed is currently discontinued by the manufacturer. You can check for the lowest Amazon price for it here. Customer rated it highly because they felt it was a reasonably priced, yet functional storage option that also looked great in their yards. Based on customer feedback, we are pleased to recommend this Keter storage product as a functional storage solution.

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Keter Bellevue 8×6 Storage Shed Review

Keter 8x6 Bellevue Storage Shed

The Keter Bellevue Shed is no longer available for purchase.

If you are looking for a storage shed the Keter Bellevue 8×6 Shed could be the one to meet your storage needs. If you are like most folk, you will want to have somewhere to store your garden tools and other yard maintenance items so they are out of the weather and not an unsightly mess in your backyard. Keter sheds are known for their strength and durability but at the same time, are easy to setup and use. Keter sheds are known for their attractive design and functionality and this one is no exception. It looks great and it will be easy to maintain its good looks because the polypropylene panels it is made from will never rust or require painting.

The shed is sturdy and strong and designed to keep your yard items safe and dry. Use of natural light is a feature and to this end, a skylight and window have been included. An air vent has also been built in to aid with air circulation. One handy feature is a water collection gutter which has been included. If you place a barrel or other suitable receptacle to collect the water, you will have rainwater storage as well. This could be a free source of water for use in your yard and garden.

Features and Benefits

Design – an attractive plastic resin garden shed for storing yard items
Footprint – 81 x 100 x 100.5 inches which is a reasonable size for an outdoor shed. Also consider future storage requirements though when considering your ideal shed size.
Capacity – 317.79 cubic feet
Suitable For – storing items such as a weed wacker, lawnmower, push seeder, a wheelbarrow, as well as hand held garden tools such as a shovel, rake, patio furniture etc.
Floor Panel – is included and designed to sit upon a level surface
Materials – Polypropylene panels together with steel reinforcing ensure a maintenance free outdoor shed. The shed will not rust, peel or become dented.
Vent – is built in and helps to encourage ventilation along with dissipating odors associated with storage of compost and manure for example
Window and Skylight – these are included and provide adequate light inside during daylight hours
Water Collection Gutter – is provided and built in. Consider placing a suitably sized receptacle underneath to collect water for using in your garden.

Tip – even though a floor is provided with Keter sheds, it will still need to be set upon a perfectly level surface so that the doors and other panels will line up correctly.

Specification for the Keter Bellevue

Product Dimensions: 81 x 100 x 100.5 inches
Weighs: 280 pounds
Item No: 17190650

What’s Great About the Keter Storage Shed?Keter 8x6 Bellevue storage shed

  • Easy to assemble but two it’s a two people job
  • Once erected, it will remain in place and hold up through average weather conditions
  • Comes with a latch lock that assists in keeping the doors tightly closed
  • Once the roof is on, the shed is quite sturdy
  • Perfect for storing small and large garden items, including patio furniture during the winter months
  • Has air vents which helps with storing malodorous items like manure and compost
  • Looks great and will not detract from the your home or landscaping

What’s Not so Great

  • Not really a negative, but the shed can be difficult to erect in windy weather until such time as the roof goes on to hold the walls together

Customer Feedback and Reviews

At the time of writing, 6 customers had left reviews for the Keter Storage Shed and they rated it with an average of 4.3/5 stars. Things they liked about it included the way it was easy to put together and the fact that it provides a sturdy, dry storage option. One customer felt the instructions could have been a little clearer, however loved the storage capacity of the shed.

Our Recommendation

The Keter Bellevue 8×6 Storage Shed is available from Amazon If a shed of this size is going to meet your outdoor storage requirements, the feedback from customers indicates it is a solid buy and is attractive as well. Customers appreciated the functionality of this shed and based on their feedback, we are pleased to recommend it.

 Unfortunately this model is currently out of stock, check back soon.