Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box Review

Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box
Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box

Everyone needs storage these days, and we thought you might like to look at this garden storage box, which is great for outdoor storage and is perfect for deck storage. Many customers regard the Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box as one of the best on the market and is ideal for garden storage benches, deck storage boxes, and even garden storage boxes.

About the Lifetime 60012 Deck Box

The Lifetime 60012 won the Consumer’s Digest Best Buy award for its sizable storage capacity and generous warranty, providing insight into its excellent functionality and performance. Outdoor storage boxes can be a mixed bag, but not this one. It has a versatile design that allows you to install shelving and dividers for increased functionality within its generous 130-gallon capacity. It is water resistant, too, which is an important consideration of any outdoor storage unit, and the lid features a spring hinge, effectively preventing it from slamming shut. The lid also has a wide opening arc so that putting things in and out is easy and not hampered by a limited opening range. For those who need it, the lid is also lockable.

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Features of the Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box


Interior capacity: 130 gallons or 16.4 cubic feet

This generously sized garden storage box can fit a lot of gear inside, ranging from garden gear, pool items, deck cushions, kids’ toys, shoes, and so on. It can clean up your deck and/or yard. Its versatility extends to the option of installing interior shelving for more organized storage.


Lifetime 60012 Large Deck Box w/lock

The lid of this deck storage box is lockable and won’t slam shut because of its spring. It also has a 90-degree opening swing which makes it easy to put things in and retrieve them.

Weather Resistant

This large deck box is designed to withstand sun wind and rain and is coated with a water-resistant seal to ensure your belongings stay dry. For extra protection, it is also UV-protected.


It comes in a stylish two-tone brown and tan which being neutral, blends in easily with other décor items around your yard and deck.


It is made out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic with powder-coated steel hinges. This means it is strong, weatherproof, and will not rust.

Product Specifications

External Measurements: 60 x 24 x 26.5 inches
Internal Measurements: 57 x 20.75 x 23.75 inches
Capacity: 130 gallons or 16.4 cubic feet
Weighs: 55.8 pounds
Model: 60012

Pros – What’s Great About this Large Deck Box

  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • It is sturdy and water-tight
  • Shock hinges hold the lid open and prevent it from smashing your fingers.
  • Allows for a padlock to be added
  • Well designed
  • Very generous capacity

Cons – What’s Not So Great

  • You will need tools to assemble the lid properly
  • Instructions could be clearer

Customer Feedback and Opinions

Customers love the Lifetime 60012 and have given it an excellent average rating. Pretty much all the reviews were positively glowing and had good things to say about the garden storage box. In particular, customers were impressed by its capacity, price, sturdy construction, and functionality. One customer liked it so much he bought six of them. There were just a few negative comments related to faulty parts, poor customer service, and lack of instruction regarding tools required to assemble the box. To see more of what customers had to say, you can read the reviews here.

Our Recommendation

The best price for the Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box is available online, which usually includes a discount. If you qualify, more savings are also available with the free shipping, which is offered with the product. Discounts and deals occasionally change online so that you can check for the current price here. Based on the excellent feedback from customers, we are satisfied that this deck storage box can add a lot of value to the appearance and functionality of your home by effectively storing surplus items. The customer’s reviews don’t get much better; on this basis, we are happy to recommend it.

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