Lifetime 6411 Outdoor Storage Shed with Window

Lifetime 6411 Outdoor Shed
Lifetime 6411 Shed

The Lifetime 6411 8-by-7-1/2-Foot Outdoor Storage Shed with window is a great addition to your yard if you want to have a durable storage area to store yard tools and a mower. Customers like the poly building rather than wood because it will not deteriorate and being manufactured in the US, quality is good.

The Lifetime Shed is constructed with powder coated steel, has A-frame roof trusses and an internal wall structure of steel-reinforced double polyethylene panels. High grade metal screws ensure secure-fastened assembly which will remain securely fastened. It also comes with one shatter proof window which opens half way for increased ventilation. This is a useful feature to have during the summer months.

A peak screen vent cap offers additional airflow. Low maintenance features include UV-Protection to help prevent fading and cracking as well as weather resistant seams to help keep the interior dry during wet weather. The stain resistant finish is easy to clean and never needs painting.

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Features of the Lifetime 6411 Outdoor Shed

  • High arched, steel-reinforced doors offer a 4 feet wide by 6 feet high door opening

  • Lockable doors with internal latching mechanism

  • High-pitched roof support a-frame trusses provide 6 feet 8 inches of head room and the steep roof allows for quick drainage of rain and snow

  • High density polyethylene floor included does not crack, chip or peel

  • Slip resistant surface with bevelled edge and is resistant to oil and stains

  • Attractive appearance and design of moulded wood-grain wall panels

  • A simulated shingle roof and natural colors to complement most surroundings

Lifetime 6411 Outdoor ShedThe manufacturer advises that appropriate site selection for your shed is recommended and that it should be prepared using a level cement, wood asphalt, gravel, or patio style surface for long-term performance. Customers also mention that this is very important in terms of successfully putting up the shed because it will not fit together properly if the surface is not level.

One customer also recommends that if you have the opportunity, go to a hardware store and have a go at putting one of these sheds together so that you get a feel for what is required. In their experience, it is always a little more difficult than the instructions lead you to believe.


  • Extra yard storage

  • The poly building will last longer than wood and will be more durable over time

  • You save time by not needing to paint it regularly

  • Cleaning it is easy because of the stain resistant coating


Lifetime 6411 Outdoor Shed Cross Section

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 8 feet x 7.5 feet
Weight – 460 pounds
Shipping Weight: 695 pounds
Item model number: 6411
Warranty – 10 Year Limited Warranty


  • A nice looking, sturdy shed.
  • There are extensions that are available to enlarge the building
  • It is large enough for lawnmower and quite a bit of extra storage.
  • There is a video from the manufacturer on YouTube which goes over how to build a very similar shed.
  • The roof is fairly well constructed.
  • It has a complete poly floor.


  • The directions glaze over a few important details, in particular, which holes to use when connecting the two ends of the trusses together. If you guess wrong, you will get the roof on, and then notice the final cap pieces don’t meet flush, and you will have to tear it all down, rebuild the trusses, and install the roof again.
  • Be careful with using a power driver on the screws as they are easy to strip
  • The door directions are a little bit confusing

User Ratings and Reviews

A handful of customers have left a review for the Lifetime Storage Shed and they gave it above average reviews. Most users are very happy with the shed and its features however, some have experienced a little difficulty with putting it up and a couple have experienced contraction and expansion of the panels during very cold and very hot days. To see what these to customers had to say, you can read the reviews here.


The Lifetime 6411 Shed is available from online retailers at the best price I’ve found. It also comes with Free Shipping. To check for the most current price prior to purchase, you can find it here.

Our Recommendation

The Lifetime 6411 8-by-7-1/2-Foot Outdoor Storage Shed has been reviewed by eight customers so far, most are happy with it. I’m a little concerned about the warping and contraction issues with the Lifetime 6411 and the difficult to decipher instructions. One customer offered some sage advice in that if you prefer not to tempt fate with divorce, choose someone other than your wife to help put the shed up.

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