Maximize the Space in Your Storage Shed

An outdoor storage shed can be a big investment  and you will want to get the most out of your money by maximizingShed with storage options the storage space.  You can do this by organizing your storage shed with shelving, hooks and peg board to keep things on the wall and free up floor space for larger tools and equipment.

Your house isn’t the only structure you should think about about when it comes to spring cleaning.  What about that outdoor storage shed? If your yard is ready for a spring or summer improvement and possibly new plants, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your outdoor shed during the coming summer months.  Take a few minutes and sweep out the debris that has collected, clean tools and equipment, organize any tools or smaller items that may be strewn about and evaluate how you can increase your floor space.


Lifetime peg stripThink about the following shed storage accessories to maximize your storage shed space.

  • Peg Strips – Use these handy strips to hang all types of equipment in all sizes from scissors to shovels.
  • Shelving Units – Use shelving units to keep smaller items organized.  Shelves also help keep fertilizers and other chemicals out of reach of children and dry. You can also take advantage of the corners of your shed with handy corner shelves.
  • Bike Hook – A bike hook can be used to suspend your bike from the ceiling or wall freeing up a tremendous amount of space and making the bike easier to access.

I’m sure you will feel much better once you have everything organized in your shed, I know I do, this also makes things easier to find.  I hope this article helped you with some organizing ideas for your outdoor shed.