Rubbermaid Big Max Storage Shed Review

Rubbermaid Storage Shed

Storage sheds provide an ideal solution when you run out of storage space in your home or garage. Sheds come in a range of shapes and sizes to cover most storage contingencies. This Big Max storage shed from Rubbermaid is extra-large and is the ideal solution for storing large items, or many smaller items.

This shed is designed for no maintenance so you don’t need to be plagued with the rust issues that usually occur with galvanized steel sheds, or constantly painting a wood shed. Additionally, it looks great in the yard and something you’ll want to show off to neighbors and friends. It’s perfect for storing mowers and yard tools in addition to power tools and bicycles. This extra-large shed is the perfect solution and worth checking out.

Features of Rubbermaid Big Max Storage Shed

  • Suitable For – ideal for storing mowers, bicycles, garden tools, power tools, yard maintenance items, trash cans as well as seasonal items like ladders and snow blowers. Some customers purchase this shed and use it for an outdoor laundry, proving its versatility.
  • Capacity – is 332 cubic feet making ideal for storage of large items
  • Interior Dimensions – 6’9 square shape ensures maximum use of interior space
  • Durability – is good as the shed is resistant to water leakage, wind and other general weather conditions
  • Maintenance – none required due to absence of rust and rot freeing you up from maintenance issues as well as saving you money. A wash down with soap and water is all that is necessary.
  • Strength – is provided by way of double wall construction which ensures additional protection and security
  • Skylights – four are included to provide plenty of natural light inside
  • Windows – there are two, one in each of the two doors to provide additional natural lighting – note there are no windows located in any of the walls
  • Doors – two doors are included in the design providing double door entry to allow easy access to large items
Rubbermaid 7 x 7 Shed

Specifications for the Rubbermaid Storage Shed

Measures: 6’9″ x 6’9″ (interior)
Weighs: 260 pounds
Warranty: 10 Year Restricted Guarantee

What’s Great about the Rubbermaid Big Max?

  • Comes with clear assembly instructions that are easy to follow
  • Component parts as well made
  • Easy to erect
  • Looks great in the yard
  • Includes a floor, tool and sports rack, utility and handle hook
  • Everything fits together the way it is meant to
  • Provides plenty of storage for a variety of purposes

What’s Not so Great

  • Floor is not as thick as found in other Rubbermaid sheds

Customer Feedback and Reviews

This Rubbermaid shed is highly rated from customers that have left feedback. Things customers like about it include its size, clear assembly instructions, appearance and the fact that it is easy to put together. They are also impressed with how well made it is.

To read more about what customers thought, you can read their reviews here.


The Rubbermaid Big Max Shed is available from online retailers and you can find the price for it here. The greater majority of customers liked how easy this shed was to assemble however it is worth noting that their success was a result of being able to follow the instructions to the letter as well as ensuring a perfectly flat surface was prepared beforehand, upon which to erect the shed. We are pleased to recommend this shed. This is a quality shed and one of the better options for your money, an example of US manufacturing that will certainly impress you.

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