Suncast Cascade BMS7400 Storage Shed Review

Suncast Cascade BMS7400
Suncast Cascade BMS7400

Storage sheds are an integral part of most householders’ yards these days and are available in a range of sizes to suit individual requirements. The Suncast Cascade BMS7400 Storage Shed is one such structure however, it is larger than average and has a reinforced floor so that weighty items can be successfully stored without risk of damage. In fact, the Suncast Cascade BMS7400 features reinforcement to the roofing panels as well, and together with its double-wall resin body panels, you can be assured that this storage shed is extra strong and durable.

For anyone who is seeking a substantial storage solution capable of housing heavy items such as a tractor, the BMS7400 is recommended. The shed features lockable doors with a window set into each of the two doors. This allows natural light to the interior while the doors are closed and air vents have also been included so that airflow is maintained while the doors are in the closed position.

Aesthetics have been considered with the BMS7400 and to this end, a wood grain textured finish has been used for the body panels and the roof panels look like shingles. While customers find this attractive, they also appreciate the fact that these panels are reinforced with metal. The reinforcement, however, does not detract from the aesthetic style of the shingles.

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Features of the Suncast Cascade BMS7400

Design – an attractive, quality storage shed with above-average capacity

Footprint – 47.8 x 88.5 x 102.5 inches which equates to approximately 4’ deep x 7.5” wide x 8.5’ high

Capacity – 171 cubic feet of storage space is provided to ensure adequate capacity for a variety of storage requirements. While there is plenty of storage capacity, the shed is not so large as to dominate a yard.

Material – Double wall resin is used for the shed body because of its durability and then blow molded into the required panel shapes. A wood grain texture is achieved via this process and ensures aesthetic appeal.

Handles – These are made from metal and can be locked if required, thus ensuring that security concerns can be laid to rest.

Roof Panels – are shingle-style and reinforced with metal for extra strength. The shingle effect is attractive and the metal reinforcement ensures the roof panels stay strong. The integrity of the structure is maintained by providing an extra strong roof.

Floor – This must be laid on a completely flat surface so that all wall and roof panels fit together perfectly and the doors open and shut correctly. Floor panels are reinforced so that heavier items can be stored in the shed. The reinforcement is sufficient to support the weight of a tractor should you choose to do so.

Windows – These are attractive and set into the doors so that adequate light is available to the interior should you decide to work inside with the doors closed. Vents are also provided to ensure adequate airflow to the interior of the shed.

Accessories – shelving and baskets are available for purchase separately if desired so that you can customize your storage requirements. NOTE – The accessories are expensive. This being so, it is important to check measurements carefully if you decide to invest in shelving and/or baskets.


Measures: 47.8 x 88.5 x 102.5 inches
Weighs: 240.5 pounds
Country of Origin: USA
Item No: BMS7400
Warranty: Ten Year Limited Warranty for product failure as a result of defects in manufacturing or materials

What’s Great About the Suncast Cascade BMS7400 Storage Shed?

  • Excellent quality
  • Looks great
  • Easy to put together
  • Individual parts slide together easily
  • Parts fit together well
  • A practical addition to yard storage
  • Can move to another location providing a suitably level base is available

What’s not so Great

  • Accessories such as hooks, baskets, and shelving can be expensive

Review and Feedback

We give the Suncast Cascade BMS7400 Storage Shed an outstanding rating. Things we like about it include its quality, appearance, size, durability, and ease of construction. We are also impressed by how easily the individual pieces fit together. To read more about what other customers have to say, you can read their reviews here.


The Suncast Cascade BMS7400 is available from online retailers and you can check their most competitive price for it here. Customers that purchased the shed were universal in their praise of this storage shed which is always a good indicator of its functionality and performance. Its quality, durability, size, and strong panels plus the shed’s ability to fit together easily impressed us as it did others. We are pleased to recommend it.

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