Suncast BMS7780 Modernist Shed Review

Suncast BMS7780 Modernist Shed Review: Ideal Storage Solution?

When it comes to outdoor storage, finding the right balance of durability and aesthetics can be a tall order. We recently had the opportunity to test the Suncast Modernist Shed in our backyard. With an impressive 317 cubic feet of storage space, this shed is not just a pretty face; it’s a functional powerhouse for garden tools, bikes, lawnmowers, and much more.

The Modernist Shed’s unique IllumiVent system is a game-changer, offering improved air circulation, which keeps humidity and air temperature within the shed at pleasant levels. The natural lighting provided through the built-in windows also created a safe work environment inside the shed without additional lighting during the daytime.

Suncast BMS7780 Modernist Shed

The construction quality impressed us as well. The metal-reinforced multi-wall resin panels seemed tough and sturdy enough to weather the elements. Plus, the reinforced roof of the Suncast Modernist Shed can hold significant snow loads, a big plus for those living in snow-prone areas and who store outdoor equipment. Access was straightforward with the pad-lockable double doors, while the metal hardware provided a sense that our contents were secure, though a lock was not included.

However, it’s not all sunshine with the Modernist Shed. We did note that the doors felt a bit less robust than the rest of the structure. If you’re living in an area with high winds, it might be a good idea to secure the shed to the ground for added stability, as suggested by some users.

Bottom Line

Our take on the Suncast Modernist Shed is that it’s a solid choice if you’re looking for a sizeable and modern storage solution for your outdoor space.

The combination of space, air circulation, natural lighting, and sturdy construction makes it stand out among outdoor storage options.

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Suncast BMS7780 Modernist Shed Overview

From our hands-on time with the 7′ x 7′ Suncast Modernist Shed, with its multi-wall resin panel construction, we found it a spacious solution that allows you to easily access your items. With an area large enough to house our gardening equipment, bikes, and lawn tools, this sturdy structure has become an invaluable addition to our outdoor space. Equipped with a ventilation system that helps keep the interior cool and dry and allows for safer conditions through natural lighting, working inside is a breeze.

The shed’s double doors open wide, facilitating easy access to all our stored items. Although the doors are reasonably secure, it’s worth noting that they are somewhat on the thinner side, so we appreciated the ability to use a padlock for added security (although one isn’t included).

Assembly, while definitely a project, was manageable. We advise setting aside ample time and patience for the construction process. Once erected, it deftly handles diverse weather, with a reinforced roof capable of supporting significant snow weight — a testament to its durability.

Despite minor door hinge concerns in windy conditions, the Modernist Shed has made a dependable, not to mention stylish, contribution to our backyard setup.

Ample Storage Space

When we got our hands on the Modernist Shed by Suncast, its storage capacity was a key factor we were excited to explore. We weren’t disappointed With dimensions measuring 87.5 inches in depth, 86.5 inches in width, and 89.5 inches in height. The interior space is generous enough to house lawn equipment, gardening tools, and patio furniture during the off-season.

The shed’s resin construction provides a sturdy, weather-resistant haven for your belongings, ensuring they stay dry and secure. Despite the product’s heft, the assembly is manageable, requiring time and patience. The sleek, modern style of the 7 x 7 Suncast Modernist Shed doesn’t hurt either, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal in your yard.

However, while the storage space is substantial, maximizing it requires strategic organization. Without built-in shelving in the 317 cu Suncast shed, those who love to keep things in meticulous order may need additional storage solutions to access their items easily. That said, for the sheer volume of items it can accommodate, the Modernist Shed lives up to its promise of spaciousness.

Natural Light and Ventilation

While organizing our outdoor workspace in the Modernist Shed, we noticed how the IllumiVent system elevates the whole experience. It’s a game-changer for those of us who spend a lot of time tinkering or gardening inside our sheds. The strategically placed built-in windows and vents allow for a surprisingly well-lit interior—so much so that we rarely used additional lighting during the day. The shed’s design ensures ample natural light and a constant fresh air flow, effectively minimizing any issues with humidity or overheating.

However, although natural light is abundant, it can be too much on extremely sunny days, causing a bit of a glare on some surfaces. We found a simple remedy by partially covering windows or using a light-diffusing curtain. Despite this, the overall effect is a brighter and airier environment, which makes it quite pleasant when you’re inside sorting your tools or potting plants. Plus, the feeling of security knowing you can lock your shed with a padlock adds to the sense of comfort while working.

Durability and Load Capacity

Having spent considerable time with the Suncast Modernist Shed, we’ve noticed it stands the test of time quite admirably. Constructed from resin, this shed doesn’t just promise durability; it lives up to it. Withstanding weather conditions, the sturdy material successfully resists rust, rot, and even those occasional bumps and knocks from garden equipment.

We’ve loaded the shed with various tools and seasonal items, and it has held up well without showing signs of strain. While we must respect the load recommendations, our experience suggests it can accommodate a fair amount of weight, sustaining everything from lawnmowers to heavy plant pots. It’s reassuring that it maintains structural integrity even when we’ve pushed the storage capacity quite a bit.

On the flip side, it’s essential to remember that no storage shed is indestructible. Nonetheless, for its size and material, our experience shows that the Suncast Modernist Shed can serve well for those seeking a balance between space and strength. Its ability to keep our gear safe and secure year-round has impressed us.

Security Features

When we examined the Suncast BMS7780 Modernist Shed’s security measures, we found that the pad-lockable doors stood out as the primary feature to ensure your items stay secure. It’s a significant relief to know that you can add your padlock, providing that extra security for the lawn tools, bikes, and gear we store inside.

However, it’s important to note that the shed does not include a padlock, so you must purchase one separately. In our experience, choosing a sturdy, weather-resistant lock is an excellent investment to complement the shed’s locking system.

The robust full-steel skeleton frame adds to the overall durability and contributes to security since it reinforces the structure against forced entry. The peace of mind we get, knowing that the weight and solid build of the shed make it less prone to tampering, is invaluable.

While security is a key concern for outdoor storage, the shed also incorporates natural light with its four built-in windows and IllumiVent system. This feature ensures safety when moving items in and out, as you can see clearly without additional lighting. Overall, the security features of this storage shed meet our expectations for keeping contents safe in an easily accessible yet secure outdoor space.

Pros and Cons

After testing the Suncast BMS7780 shed, we’ve gathered several key points to consider. This shed offers some distinct advantages and a few drawbacks worth noting. Whether you’re tight on garage space or need an outdoor storage solution for your mower, these insights into the multi-wall resin panel construction of the Suncast Modernist Sheds will help you decide if this shed meets your needs.


  • Versatile Storage: The Suncast shed provides a substantial 317 cubic feet of space, making it a great solution for safely housing various items, from lawn tools to bicycles.
  • Durable Structure: Its full-steel skeleton frame is built to last. It stands strong against the elements, and the roof can withstand significant snow loads, up to 40 pounds per square foot.
  • Natural Lighting: Including 4 windows and an IllumiVent system invites plenty of natural light inside, making it easier to locate stored items and work inside the shed during the day.
  • Security: The doors are designed to accommodate a padlock, allowing us to secure the contents effectively—although the padlock isn’t included with the purchase.
  • Compact Footprint: Measuring 87.5″ x 86.5″ x 89.5″, this shed offers ample storage without dominating the backyard space.


  • Door Quality: While the structure is solid, the doors feel slightly flimsy. This issue might raise concern for those living in windy areas, although the rest of the shed feels secure.
  • Assembly Time: The assembly process can be quite time-consuming. It took us a full day to put it together, and while the instructions are manageable, it’s certainly not a quick setup.
  • Accessories Not Included: Suncast mentions available accessories for further customization of their 7′ x 7′ Modernist Shed, but these must be purchased separately, which increases the overall investment for those seeking more functionality (lock not included).

Weighing these pros and cons, we believe the Suncast BMS7780 Modernist Shed offers much. It’s a practical investment for outdoor storage built with longevity and utility. Its compact size and ability to naturally illuminate your storage space are advantageous. However, if quick assembly and sturdier doors are among your top priorities, this may not be the perfect fit.

Ease of Assembly

In assembling the Suncast Modernist Shed, we found the process straightforward and manageable. This solution seemed the perfect fit for our outdoor storage without a garage. The key to a smooth assembly was organizing all the pieces beforehand. Over the course of two days, we constructed the shed by laying out the parts and systematically following the instructions, and even with regular breaks to combat the Georgian heat, the task didn’t feel overwhelming.

Whilst I tackled the assembly solo and used some common sense, the outcome was a sturdy structure. The steel frame provided a sound skeleton that snapped into place without trouble. The provided hardware was sufficient, with a helpful surplus of extra pieces just in case.

Our main gripe was with the doors; although the shed was robust, the doors felt less so. A broken hinge was a setback, but thankfully, it didn’t impede the door’s functionality. For those in windy locales, securing the shed to a foundation can offer added peace of mind.

The shed’s ability to support significant snow loads, which could be a nod to its overall durability, is especially important when storing outdoor equipment like a mower. The interior was naturally lit thanks to built-in windows and an illuminating vent system, making it safer and more pleasant to navigate. Despite a few hiccups, we believe this shed serves its purpose well, providing ample and secure storage space.

Customer Reviews

During our time with the Modernist Shed by Suncast, we’ve experienced its overall sturdiness and practicality firsthand. Many users have echoed the sentiment that it’s an excellent semi-permanent storage solution, particularly when a garage isn’t available.

We found the assembly process manageable, with all components fitting together seamlessly and the instruction manual detailed enough to prevent significant mishaps. This was a relief, particularly considering some of us tackled the build single-handedly. It’s a task that is doable over a weekend, and laying out all parts beforehand simplifies the process.

Though the doors could benefit from a more robust construction—as they feel a bit flimsy—the shed generally stands up well against persistent winds, especially when firmly anchored down, which we recommend based on our observations.

The versatility of the shed was another strong point noted in our usage and the user reviews. Not just for tools and garden equipment but for an inflatable hot tub, it comfortably accommodates a range of items.

We advise future buyers to take their time with assembly and prepare for a bit of a project, but rest assured; the result is a dependable storage space that lives up to expectations.

Similar sheds you might consider

After spending some time with the Suncast Modernist Shed, we’ve found a few alternatives that may align with your storage needs. If the aesthetic and features of the Modernist shed appeal to you, but you’re still exploring options, consider these sheds from Keter and Lifetime, two brands that stand out for their quality and design.

Keter’s Factor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed is a strong contender with its robust and maintenance-free build. We appreciated how it seamlessly blended into our garden space with its wood-like texture. It also features a skylight and ventilation for a comfortable interior atmosphere, reminiscent of Suncast’s IllumiVent system.

Another viable alternative is the Lifetime Horizontal Storage Shed. Its durable, dual-wall, high-density polyethylene construction has proven to withstand various weather conditions, and its compact footprint allows it to fit neatly into tighter spaces. It doesn’t shortchange on capacity and is perfect for those who need to store garden tools or pool equipment efficiently.

Lastly, the Suncast Cascade Shed is worth a mention for those loyal to the brand but seeking a different model. It sports a slightly smaller storage capacity but offers a charming, cottage-like appearance with its shingle-style roof panels. The build quality is as reliable as our Modernist shed, ensuring our gear stays dry and secure.

Each shed serves a similar purpose but varies in design, capacity, and features. Through our experiences, we’ve found that these models balance functionality and style, making them worthwhile for consideration alongside the Suncast BMS7780 Modernist Shed.


I spent a while with the Suncast Modernist Shed, and we’ve found it a sturdy choice for anyone lacking a garage. The assembly process is manageable, even if you’re taking on the task solo, though it’s a good idea to spread the work over a couple of days. We appreciate that all components fit as expected, with extra hardware included to cover any minor mishaps.

On the downside, we noticed that the doors, which allow you to access your items easily, could be sturdier, and one of the hinges arrived broken – a bit of a letdown. In windy conditions, additional securing to the ground is advisable. Despite that, the shed performs admirably for the intended use, whether storing garden tools or housing an inflatable hot tub. The availability of accessories is a plus, offering room for customization to one’s needs.

Overall, the quality and utility balance out the minor flaws. It’s a solid investment for extra outdoor storage with a modern aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our journey through the vast world of outdoor storage, we came across the Modernist Shed from Suncast, which is recognized for blending functionality and style and its 317 cu size. Garnering feedback from various owners and personally examining the shed’s offerings, we’ve compiled answers to some of the top questions to aid you in understanding this product’s potential fit for your needs.

What accessories are compatible with the Suncast Modernist Shed?

The Modernist Shed gladly opens up to various accessory options designed to boost its utility. We found that Suncast offers tailored items such as:

Shelf Kits: Enhance organization with easy-to-install shelves for storing small tools and garden supplies.

Hook and Basket Accessories: Ideal for hanging garden hoses and tools or keeping frequently used items accessible.

We emphasize the compatibility of such accessories to promote simple customization of your storage space.

Can you install shelving solutions in the Suncast Modernist Shed?

Absolutely, shelving solutions are a breeze to install in this shed. Our practical experiences reveal:

Customization: Both horizontal and vertical shelving are potential, letting us tailor the storage to our equipment’s dimensions.

Versatility: Although Suncast offers its own shelving solutions, we found that third-party shelves can also fit if they’re of the appropriate size.

Adding shelves proved feasible and smart, maximizing the space inside the shed.

What are the differences between the various Suncast Modernist Shed sizes?

The differences mainly lie in dimensions and storage capacity. We noted that:

Small Scale: The compact variants suit modest storage needs and smaller outdoor spaces.

Large Scale: Bigger models cater admirably to extensive storage demands, accommodating everything from lawnmowers to bicycles.

Size should be based on your storage requirements and available yard space.

How durable is the Suncast Modernist Shed, given that it’s made of resin?

Our findings on the durability front are reassuring. The multi-wall resin:

It is robust and designed to resist wear and tear from weather elements. It is well-suited to rain, snow, and UV rays.

Maintains appearance, minimizing concerns of fading or cracking over time.

While it’s not invulnerable, our judgment is that its durability is a strong attribute for typical backyard conditions

Can a foundation be prepared for the Suncast Modernist Shed or placed directly on the ground?

Our experience dictates that a proper foundation:

Enhances Durability: A sturdy foundation prevents structural strain and ensures longevity.

Ensures Stability: Especially in areas where ground settling or severe weather could pose an issue.

We strongly suggest preparing a level foundation to avoid potential complications.

What are the assembly requirements for a Suncast Modernist 7×7 shed?

Based on the assembly process we underwent, the requirements include:

Basic Tools: Screwdrivers, hammers, and a ladder are among the essentials for assembly.

Time Investment: One to two people can assemble the unit in a day, considering breaks and a moderate work pace.

We urge carefully reviewing the provided manual to streamline assembly and reduce frustration.

Reviewing the Suncast Modernist Shed, we found that its comprehensive features and straightforward customization options cater to a broad range of outdoor storage needs. While its doors could feel a tad more robust, with proper assembly and anchoring, it offers a reliable solution for organizing tools and equipment.

Suncast Mocha Wicker Resin Deck Box Review

Suncast Mocha Wicker Resin Deck Box
Suncast Mocha Wicker Resin Deck Box

The Suncast Mocha Wicker Resin Deck Box is one of the handiest deck storage boxes available. It is a smaller version of the 99 gallon deck box from Suncast and having the two sizes ensures that your outdoor storage options are both practical and functional.

The deck box is a popular storage choice for customers and while most people use them for outdoor storage for deck cushions, children’s toys or pool toys, some customers have successfully used them for indoor storage as well, such as for storing bedding. The 73 gallon capacity model is made to resemble wicker and being made from resin, is sturdy and strong. Customers like the wicker design and the Mocha color has also proven popular. The design is contemporary as well as durable and customers have found the Suncast deck box to be an affordable, yet attractive way to store their outdoor items in a deck style setting.

Check Price and Availability Here

Features of the Suncast Wicker Deck Box

Design – is contemporary and resembles wicker

Handles – the deck storage bench come with a handle on either end for easy carrying/moving

Capacity – 73 gallon storage capacity. Most people find this adequate and some people buy more than one, as well as the 99 gallon version to mix and match so as to have enough deck storage.

Waterproof – the lid is designed so that water can run off so your things stay dry inside

Storage Functionality – Use it to store deck cushions, pool toys, children’s toys or anything you need to keep dry outdoors.

Assembly – pieces snap together and tools are not required. It is easy to put together and can be done in under half an hour.

Color – Mocha – and this has proven to be a popular color choice with customers, mostly because it blends in with their other deck furniture.


Measures :46 x 21.6 x 22.5 inches
Weighs: 30 pounds
Item No: 73 gallon – DBW7300, 99 gallon – DBW9200

What’s Great About the Suncast Wicker Resin Deck Box

  • It’s easy to put together
  • Has a snap together system for assembling
  • Very versatile storage option – perfect for outdoors but also good for indoors
  • Very sturdy
  • The bottom is off the ground – due to the box having small legs to keep it there
  • Looks like wicker and close enough to the wicker look to be stylish
  • Can be used to hold pool toys
  • Is waterproof
  • Great mocha color
  • Good functionality
  • Very roomy
  • Good price for a storage solution

What’s Not so Great

  • Doesn’t latch as tightly as some customers would like

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Most of the reviews for the Suncast Deck Box are exceptional. Customers thought this deck storage bench was well priced, roomy and attractive, even though it was not real wicker. The majority of customers found it was easy to put together and they liked its waterproof functionality. For the price, they found it to be a good storage option. A few customers had issues with it warping but the majority didn’t. To read more about what customers had to say, you are welcome to read the reviews here.

Our Recommendation

The Suncast Mocha Wicker Resin Deck Box is available from online retailers and is competitively priced. For extra savings, it also comes with Free Shipping, if you qualify. As prices can fluctuate, you can check for the most recent price here. With a majority of customers giving this deck box good ratings and in conjunction with the positive feedback they left, we are happy to recommend it as an excellent storage option.

Check Price and Availability Here

Assembly instructions:


Suncast SSW1200 Mocha Resin Wicker 22-Gallon Storage Seat Review

Suncast SSW1200 Wicker Deck Box
Suncast Wicker Deck Box

The Suncast SSW1200 Mocha Resin Wicker 22-gallon Storage Seat is a popular choice for customers who do not want a large deck box. This particular Suncast balcony storage box is specifically designed to hold small items but is also sturdy enough for additional seating. Because it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it makes a great toy box for toddlers. It’s also a safe one because they can easily access the interior without worrying about a large, heavy lid falling down on them.

Features of the Suncast SSW1200 Storage Seat

Design – is contemporary, modern and designed to keep the contents dry. As well as being a functional storage item, it has been designed as an attractive addition to your patio or deck. It is essentially a faux wicker look.
Color – Mocha
Purpose – Can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be used for both extra seating and storage. For storage, it is suitable for toys, shoes, towels, spa and garden supplies, BBQ equipment, and small tools.
Capacity – will comfortably hold 22 gallons
Materials – made from hard, durable plastic
Assembly – is easy according to customers. No tools are required, and this under-deck storage deck box simply snaps together.

Specifications for the Suncast Storage Seat

Measures: 17.5 x 22.5 x 22.5 inches
Weighs: 13.9 pounds
Item model number: SSW1200

What’s Great About the Suncast SSW1200

  • Sturdy
  • Compact
  • Convenient small storage option
  • Great for storing covers
  • Attractive plastic faux dark brown wicker
  • Waterproof
  • Use for storing a range of items such as toys, towels, spa chemicals, small tools etc
  • Safe size for toddlers because the smaller size doesn’t have a heavy lid for them to hold up
  • Easy to put together and has clear instructions
  • are No tools required as it snaps together
  • Excellent price
  • Spacious, useful, convenient, and sturdy

What’s Not so Great

  • A few customers had concerns about the deck-box warping over the longer term.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

The Suncast SSW1200 Wicker Storage Seat is very popular, and we rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Things we like about it include its functionality, appearance, price as well as easy assembly. The small size was also an important consideration. A few customers that purchased the storage seat expressed concerns about the deck box warping from being left in the sun. However, these comments were very much the exception rather than the rule. To see more of what customers have to say, you can read the reviews here.


The Suncast SSW1200 22-gallon Storage Seat is available online and comes with free shipping if you qualify. To check for the most recent price, you can find it here. Customers liked the size of this deck box and had specific purpose storage options in mind when they purchased, so based on their positive feedback, we are pleased to recommend the Suncast balcony storage box to you as a functional storage option.

Check Price and Availability Here

Suncast Tremont Storage Shed Review

suncast tremont storage shed

Suncast storage sheds provide popular and cost-effective storage options for anyone who wants to store their things without the expense that can often be incurred. The Suncast Tremont Shed is ideal for storing large items such as small tractors, motorcycles, small off-road vehicles, bicycles, etc.. Still, it can also be used when a more significant storage option for multi-situational items is required.

It has plenty of windows and skylights for light and is very strong and durable, with double-opening doors for easy access. The Suncast Tremont is designed to blend unobtrusively into your home landscaping and comes in neutral grey and darker grey doors. A metal roof beam and roof trusses act to provide a very strong roof structure and complement the thicker-than-usual walls.

Features of the Suncast Tremont Shed

Design – a large storage shed featuring roomy and solid construction

Footprint – 8 feet by 10 feet constructed

Walls – are about 2 inches thick featuring double wall construction for strength and durability

Windows – 2 windows and 6 skylights allow for plenty of light

Color – grey with darker grey contrasting doors.

Doors – Double doors are strong with metal hinges

Floor – is sturdy and features reinforcement

Sizes – Available in 4 sizes – 4×8, 8×10, 13×8 and 16×8


Exterior – is durable and made from blow-molded resin. This ensures the shed is strong, durable, and low maintenance.

Trusses and Ridge Beams – are metal to provide extra strength for the shed body and roof

Optional Accessories Hooks, brackets, and corner shelving are available via a separate purchase at a very reasonable cost. This allows you to customize the interior to suit your individual needs.

Specifications (8×10 version)

  • Measures: 100.5 x 122.2 x 103 inches
  • Weighs: 384 pounds
  • Interior Space: 546 cubic feet
  • Item No: ​BMS8100
  • Warranty: 10 year limited
suncast tremont 8x10 shed

What’s Great About the Suncast Tremont?

  • Heaps of room inside
  • Well designed
  • Is sturdy when constructed
  • Excellent quality shed
  • Looks great
  • Has air vents to avoid excessive heat build- up inside
  • Stronger than cheap metal
  • Much less expensive than wood
  • Excellent value for money
  • Directions are easy to follow
  • Easy to assemble, but requires two people for best results

What’s Not so Great?

  • Some people have had fitment issues
  • High winds can cause problems if the shed is not anchored to a concrete base

Customer Feedback and Reviews

We give the Suncast Tremont BMS8100 Shed a 4 out of 5 stars rating. Things we like about it include its roomy interior, design, sturdy build, and easy-to-follow directions. The shed is a good buy with plenty of value for your money. While there are some downsides to any purchase, we feel this is a fairly safe investment. Read more about what other customers had to say and read their reviews here.


The Suncast BMS8000 Tremont Shed is available from popular online retailers. To check out the latest price, you can find it here. We like this shed a lot, and customers were unanimous in their praise of this outdoor shed as well. It met their need for a roomy storage solution and provided good value for their money. We are pleased to recommend it.

What is the life expectancy of a resin shed?

The Suncast Tremont Sheds are built to last. With proper care and maintenance, your resin shed will serve you well for many years. For added peace of mind, this shed comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Does a resin shed need a concrete pad?

For enhanced stability, especially in areas prone to high winds, we recommend anchoring your Suncast shed to a concrete pad. This provides a solid foundation, though the shed’s sturdy design allows for versatility in placement.

What is the difference between resin and plastic sheds?

Resin sheds, like our the Tremont, are a type of plastic shed known for their strength, durability, and resistance to weathering. The term ‘resin’ refers to the high-quality, durable plastic material used to manufacture these sheds, which offers superior maintenance ease compared to other materials.

Are plastic sheds worth it?

Absolutely! Suncast resin sheds offer excellent value for money, combining durability, ease of assembly, and low maintenance with an attractive design. They provide a cost-effective solution without the upkeep required for wood or metal sheds.

Suncast Patio Seat, Mini, Review

Suncast Patio Seat, Mini
Suncast Storage Seat

The Suncast Patio Seat, Mini is a small patio storage box that doubles as a seat. It is ideal to use as storage for all those items that end up cluttering your deck such as shoes, toys, and cushions. Dual functionality is always good and you can also use it as an extra seat. Customers found that buying two of them worked well because it was like having a set.

Like other Suncast storage products, the mini patio storage box is made from sturdy resin, so you can look forward to maintenance-free use for many years. Customers also found that the mini patio seat looked considerably better than the photographic depictions on Amazon. The seat is also comfortable and can be used inside the house for additional seating.

Check Price and Availability Here

Features of the Suncast Patio Seat with Storage

Design – a small patio deck box that provides additional seating as well as storage. It has also been designed to keep items inside dry by allowing water to roll off.
Suitable For – storing patio and deck items however can also be used for additional seating. It can also be placed in a garage or inside another upright storage shed.
Access – the seat lifts up to allow access to the inside of the box
Assembly – is easy and no tools are needed to put it together. The pieces literally snap together.
Maintenance – little or none. The patio box can be wiped down and or dusted for cleaning but otherwise requires no painting.
Materials – Strong resin
Durability – will last for a long time because of the resin material used for its construction
Tip – Follow the instructions carefully for easy assembly



Measures: 26 x 19 x 24 inches
Weighs: 21.8 pounds
Item No: PB2600

Suncast Patio Seat, Mini with Lid

What’s Great About the Suncast PB2600?

  • Design is clean and simple
  • Excellent value for money
  • Sturdy build
  • Snaps together without needing to use tools
  • Water rolls off
  • Looks good – better than the photo
  • Functional double-duty item
  • Light enough to move about easily
  • The seat is comfortable
  • Perfect for storing patio and deck items

What’s Not So Great

  • Watertight ability questionable

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Quite a few people who have purchased this storage seat have left feedback for the Suncast Patio Seat and they gave it excellent, average overall ratings. Things they like about it include its dual-purpose functionality, sturdy build, ease of assembly, appearance, price, weight, and simple design. They also feel it looks more attractive when placed in situ than what is shown in the photos. To read more about what customers had to say, you can read their reviews here.


The Suncast Patio Seat is available online and you can check for the latest price here. Customers felt the patio storage box was a functional and well-priced item and met their requirements for patio and deck storage. Based on customer feedback, we a pleased to recommend it to you.