Suncast DB5000 Deck Box Review

suncast deck box
Suncast DB5000

The Suncast Deck Box is a popular item for many people who want to remove clutter from their decks. In fact, if you are looking for storage boxes with lids, this particular deck box from Suncast has customers seal of approval. As well as being functional, it will also blend in with your deck décor because of its neutral coloring. Some storage boxes are not waterproof, but this one is, thanks to the lid which has been designed to channel water off the box rather than into it.

The Suncast Deck Box comes in a deluxe, 50 gallon and 90 gallon capacity and is suitable for storing children’s toys, shoes, sporting equipment such as bats/balls etc., as well as small garden tools. You will need to assemble it, however it snaps together easily with minimal difficulty. Customers have found the materials ensure durability, while the lid with its hinges, allows easy and quick access to the contents.

Features of the Suncast DB5000

Design – rectangular storage box which can be used as extra seating

Lid Design – the lid is designed to be waterproof so that rain water will flow off the box while the contents of the box remain dry.

Functionality – can be used to store gardening tools, sports gear, deck cushions, children’s toys, shoes and so forth.

Materials – poly-resin construction ensures durability which includes resisting fading and infiltration by rust. It also means low to no maintenance.

Hinges – these allow the lid to easily flip open for easy access to the box’s contents.

Capacity – it will hold up to 50 gallons of contents, however make sure to measure your deck cushions for size prior to purchase because if the cushions are large, they may not fit.

Assembly – the deck box requires simple assembly by way of snapping the pieces together.

SpecificationsSuncast deck box storage

Measures: 41 x 21 x 22 inches
Weighs: 26 pounds
Item No: DB5000
Warranty: 5 year limited warranty

  What’s Great About the Suncast Deck Box

  • Can handle heat, humidity and rainy weather very well
  • Excellent for storing miscellaneous items that would otherwise sit all over your deck
  • Functional for keeping things neat
  • Waterproof and watertight
  • Sturdy
  • Very easy to put together

What’s Not So Great

  • Durability of the hinges

Customer Feedback and Reviews

We give the Suncast DB5000 Deck Box a 4.5 out of 5 ratings. We were very happy with the functionality of this Suncast product and felt it provided excellent value for money. We liked that it was easy to put together and best of all, waterproof. The fact that it was sturdy and provided an easy solution to deck clutter was also important. A few customers that purchased the unit had issues with the hinges and there were also a few customers who didn’t think the deck box was watertight, although these were very much in the minority. To see more of what customers had to say about this deck box, you can read the reviews here.


The Suncast Deck Box is available from Amazon and is a reasonable priced storage option. It also comes with Free Shipping, if you qualify and if you would like to check out the most recent price, you can find it here. With a majority of customers rating the Suncast with great reviews, they have shown that they believe this model from Suncast is a good buy. On the basis of feedback from customers, we are pleased to recommend the Suncast deck box.